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Make LearnMMD Masthead Art for our Pages!

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Create your art… make it custom… make it YOURS… eMail it to us and we may use it on our pages!

Make LearnMMD Masthead Art and eMail it to us!
… we may use it on our Pages!

LearnMMD.com is the most popular MMD website on the web. With over 21,000 visits a WEEK, we find that 32% of our visits come from returning visitors… and they must get tired of seeing the same old “look” on our pages. So, to spice things up…

Readers can contribute their art for use on our pages!

You can create new LearnMMD Masthead art! Download the Template package.

It’s easy! …

… and he will review your art and send you a note to Thank You for your submission… and let you know when to watch for it online… on the pages of LearnMMD.com

The legal bit: Please know that by sending your art to Reggie at LearnMMD.com, you are freely giving it to us for any use we may have for it. We reserve the right to adjust it and use it as our own. You may see it as a masthead… or as a piece of art in an article on LearnMMD.com

Give it a try…
Have some fun!

Download the Masthead Template zip folder… and get started!


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  1. January 8, 2017    

    I’ll give it a try! I love doing contest<3 ^w^

    • January 9, 2017    

      well, the masthead is done, how do I send it to Reggie I meant where? Google+/Gmail/here??? I dunno….

      • Silent Headset Silent Headset
        January 9, 2017    

        His address is right there, highlighted in the article.
        But in case you missed it:


        Lookin’ forward to see what you made!

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