Learn How to Navigate Japanese MikuMikuDance Pages

Many MMD Pages are in Japanese!
Learn how to “get around” on ‘em.

MikuMikuDance has been popular in Japan for years and there are thousands of Japanese pages dedicated to MMD. Not reading Japanese, added to the fact that my American computer scrambles the Japanese characters, makes it difficult to navigate those pages!

Using all of my web-surfing experience and my See a Japanese page: Check out the Nissan home page www.nissan.co.jpintuition, I can usually make my way to the picture or download-file that I am looking for. I do it by mousing-over the various links on the Japanese page and watching the link info which, quite often, pops up in English. If I am directed to a page to download a model, I can slide the cursor around the page looking for a link to a ZIP file. Use your brain and imagine where that link “should” be … and don’t click on things that seem out of place. Same thing applies when looking for a window where you can enter a password: it should be near the suspected Zip-file link.

You can practice your skills on guaranteed “safe” Japanese sites like the Toyota home page: www.toyota.co.jp or Nissan: www.nissan.co.jp . Have fun … click around … be careful!


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