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Updated LearnMMD Metronome Instructions for Use

How do you use the LearnMMD Metronome? What are the first steps when creating a new MikuMikuDance animation? Updated Instructions for using the LearnMMD Metronome … I created the LearnMMD Metronome several months ago. I recently tried to use it and had to learn, again, how to use it, myself. I realized that, as of […]


Metronome successfully marks the beat in Dueling Banjos MMD

How do I mark the tempo in Mikumikudance 7.39? Find the beat in Miku Miku Dance 7.39.  MMD metronome. My metronome successfully tracks the beat in my “Dueling Banjos” project. My “Dueling Banjos” MikuMikuDance 7.39 project presents an extra challenge because the tempo of the piece is constantly changing! The “scope” shows the music file […]


Dueling Banjos w Metronome MMD Inspiration Video on YouTube

Dueling Banjos with Metronome MMD Inspiration Video is now on YouTube! I needed to see some progress on my “Dueling Banjos” project, so I made this video just to put a smile on my face. We see the metronome ticking-out the tempo along with my “Dueling Banjos” models and accessories onstage just to inspire me […]


Find MMD Tempo using Metronome with AVI Video Background

Download your free Metronome PMM dance file with accessories.

How do I find the tempo in my MMD 7.39 dance? How do I keep time to the music in MikuMiukDance 7.39? How do you use the metronome? Find MMD Tempo using Metronome with AVI Video Background My new “Dueling Banjos” project presents an extra challenge in that the tempo is constantly changing! I needed […]


LearnMMD’s METRONOME is Ready to Download!

Get the LearnMMDMmetronome. It is a real help!

How do I find the beat in my MikuMikuDance songs? How do I time my motions to the music in Miku Miku Dance 7.39? Is there a metronome for MMD 7.39? LearnMMD’s METRONOME is Ready to Download! As I started my Dueling Banjos project, I knew I was in for trouble! The tempo of that […]

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