Pose characters in PMX Editor and export as OBJs for Poser

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A reader emailed a question…


I’ve been using 3d art programs for a long time – but I’m a newbie to MMD.

I want to pose characters within PMX Editor and export the OBJs so I can use them with my Poser content.

I have learned to export the OBJs via PMX Editor, adjust the textures and UVs, and can import them as
static props in Poser …

… but I don’t know how to pose them within PMX Editor – so I can export them in the pose that I need.

Can I export posed characters from PMX Editor?

Can I pose a character in MMD then export pose-information to PMX Editor?

(I could re-rig them with bones in Poser … but it’s fiddly and I’d like to avoid it.)

Any advice or suggestions you could make would be gratefully appreciated.

LearnMMD’s KillerBeer replied…

I *honestly* did not expect to give a positive answer to this one, but wonders never cease.

Ok, since you mentioned you’re working with PMXE and not PMDE I will assume PMX Editor icon... you have this version as it has the best translation, *and* is the latest: https://www.deviantart.com/inochi-pm/art/PmxEditor-vr-0254f-English-Version-v2-0-766313588 (*) . I thought I’m used to ibozo’s version already, but I wouldn’t guess there’s a pose export functionality even if I tried. *EDIT 2018: replaced the link with the *newer* “latest and best”.

Now, in the PMDView window’s toolbar press a “T” button to open a TransformView window (or press F9). This is a tool used for debugging edited models and you can shift and pose a model in it as if it were opened in a proper MMD. There is even a “Edit”->”VPD file-related”->”Load” menu command that’s supposed to load ready poses prepared in MMD, but I found that it distorts the view horribly to me. I *suspect* that it has something to do with me not having the locale set to Japanese on my computer and comma/dot being perceived incorrectly due to that (.vpd files are in essence simple text files), but I didn’t bother to check; you may try, if you’re interested, or otherwise simply do all your posing in TransformView.

When you’re done, in *TransformView’s* menu (not the main menu or elsewhere) select “File”->”Save model” (not “Save model as”). It’s supposed to change the name to XXX_ShapeChange.pmx with XXX being your source model, but you still better keep backups. Now, reopen *that* model and export it into .obj. Kablingo!

Also there’s an option I didn’t bother to check if it really works as intended but you may try if you’re interested. There’s a Blender plugin pymeshio that allows exporting models from Blender into .pmd/.pmx preserving bone structure if present. I used it to import ripped models from Portal, but it supposedly works the other way too. So, if you succeed to find a Blender->Poser plugin that *also* transfers bone data, you’d be able to import complete rigged MMD models into Poser and work from there instead of messing with PMXE.

Best of luck.

Our reader replied…

… Aaaaand it works perfectly!

You know; there are boards on Blender, Daz Studio, Poser, even ZBrush … thinktanks of people all over the world — who haven’t found a simple solution to this problem in many years.

And you have done it in two days.

You’re awesome.

Thank you *SO* much!

How cool is that… ? … AWESOME!


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