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Import models from Source engine based games (HL2, Portal, TF2 etc.)

How can I rip models from Half-Life 2 into MMD? What programs do I need beside Blender to import models? Make your own ripped models Recently, ZoidsFanatic already published an article about importing models from .OBJ files, which gives us a taste of using Blender as a medium to import models we like into MMD-friendly […]


Ripped Models in MMD: An Explanation

Who knew Ash was so short?? Get Ash Ketchum - Click this picture!

What are ripped models in MMD MikuMikuDance? Can I use ripped models in MMD? Ripped models sound horrifying, don’t they? I have never ripped a model before, but I know a bit about them … Ripped models are “ripped” from a video game. The result is something you probably couldn’t make in PMDEditor. It looks […]

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