The Easiest Way To Add Hair Physics in PMX Editor!

A feature article by LearnMMD's BigPerryman!How do I add hair physics to my model’s hair? Should my model’s hair have bones? How can I use PMXE to add hair physics to my model’s hair?

The Easiest Way To
Add Hair Physics in PMX Editor!

Hi y’all… Today I’m going to show you how to create physics in MMD. For an example, I want to add hair physics to Virtually3D‘s Yandere Simulator model Supana Churu, because I was asked to add physics into her models.

So, of course, the first thing you want to do is open up PMXEditor and open up the model without physics.

We are going to add hair physics to Virtually3D's Yandere Simulator model Supana Churu.

Well, this is a full model…

… how am I supposed to add hair physics to her hair if this is a full model?

That’s easy, just take away the body!

Remove everything but the head bone, neck bone, upper body bone and the hair you want. Yes, even the joints and physics.

First step as we add hair physics... is to delete all but the hair!

Now that you have all of this, save it as something like “hair.pmx”.

Save your new PMX hair model... I called mine Hair.pmx

Now for the literal hardest part of this whole tutorial: creating and adding bones. First, add the bones. just create a string of bones by using this short tutorial below.

Add a bone needed for the hair by Right Click (in the white space)>Add>Add To End.

Move the bones to the position you need them to be.

Add another bone…

Move that one where it needs to be.

Click on the bone above it, then select the option that says Bone. On the side there are numbered bones that go 1, 2, 3 and down… To make the top bone attached to the lower one, click on the lower one and in the box next to bone, type in that number. Ex: My bone was 10 and it needed to be attached to 11, so I typed in 11 on the bone option.

Now just keep repeating this process until they’re all where you want them in one ponytail. Don’t forget to make the end bone invisible!

Now mirror the bones by selecting them and clicking Edit>Object>Mirror Object

Click Edit>Object>Mirror Object

Now weigh them down with this short tutorial!

Open the Weight / UV Drawing tab

Select the bone you want to weigh the hair down to

Click the Start button

Weigh everything that you want AND ALL THE WAY DOWN

Move onto the next bone and repeat everything until you get to the bottom

Then keep going all the way down. Now here’s the easiest part. Select the head bone and click Edit>Bone>Create Body>Yes.

This creates a physic on the head. Now select the ponytail bones and click Edit>Bone>Create Body w/ Physics.

Then WITH THE BONES STILL SELECTED go to Edit>Bone>Create Joint.

Now you’re almost done! Look at this very short video to finish what you started!

Good luck with your Editing…
… be sure to leave a comment to ask a question!


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