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The Easiest Way To Add Hair Physics in PMX Editor!

A feature article by LearnMMD's BigPerryman!How do I add hair physics to my model’s hair? Should my model’s hair have bones? How can I use PMXE to add hair physics to my model’s hair?

The Easiest Way To
Add Hair Physics in PMX Editor!

Hi y’all… Today I’m going to show you how to create physics in MMD. For an example, I want to add hair physics to Virtually3D‘s Yandere Simulator model Supana Churu, because I was asked to add physics into her models.

So, of course, the first thing you want to do is open up PMXEditor and open up the model without physics.

We are going to add hair physics to Virtually3D's Yandere Simulator model Supana Churu.

Well, this is a full model…

… how am I supposed to add hair physics to her hair if this is a full model?

That’s easy, just take away the body!

Remove everything but the head bone, neck bone, upper body bone and the hair you want. Yes, even the joints and physics.

First step as we add hair physics... is to delete all but the hair!

Now that you have all of this, save it as something like “hair.pmx”.

Save your new PMX hair model... I called mine Hair.pmx

Now for the literal hardest part of this whole tutorial: creating and adding bones. First, add the bones. just create a string of bones by using this short tutorial below.

Add a bone needed for the hair by Right Click (in the white space)>Add>Add To End.

Move the bones to the position you need them to be.

Add another bone…

Move that one where it needs to be.

Click on the bone above it, then select the option that says Bone. On the side there are numbered bones that go 1, 2, 3 and down… To make the top bone attached to the lower one, click on the lower one and in the box next to bone, type in that number. Ex: My bone was 10 and it needed to be attached to 11, so I typed in 11 on the bone option.

Now just keep repeating this process until they’re all where you want them in one ponytail. Don’t forget to make the end bone invisible!

Now mirror the bones by selecting them and clicking Edit>Object>Mirror Object

Click Edit>Object>Mirror Object

Now weigh them down with this short tutorial!

Open the Weight / UV Drawing tab

Select the bone you want to weigh the hair down to

Click the Start button

Weigh everything that you want AND ALL THE WAY DOWN

Move onto the next bone and repeat everything until you get to the bottom

Then keep going all the way down. Now here’s the easiest part. Select the head bone and click Edit>Bone>Create Body>Yes.

This creates a physic on the head. Now select the ponytail bones and click Edit>Bone>Create Body w/ Physics.

Then WITH THE BONES STILL SELECTED go to Edit>Bone>Create Joint.

Now you’re almost done! Look at this very short video to finish what you started!

Good luck with your Editing…
… be sure to leave a comment to ask a question!


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  1. Shiori Shiori
    June 18, 2019    

    What if we want to edit the physics so that they are smoother, and the hair already has bones, joints, and physics. Would we still do the same in this tutorial?

  2. Middle Middle
    July 26, 2018    

    The vid doesn’t explain anything, but it just shows what he/she is doing.
    Needs more explanation.
    I can’t get hair physics to work. Even if they work, the model just crashes MMD whenever I load it.

    • July 26, 2018    

      For starters, look into PMXE’s Joint tab. Check if every joint has its “Body A” and “Body B” fields filled.

      If that’s not enough, try to run “File->PMX Info” command, Google Translate its output, and see what errors your model may have. See the tutorial for more details.

  3. neko neko
    November 11, 2017    

    Help i add phisics but when i load it mmd crashes

    • November 11, 2017    

      The most common cause of MMD crashes, especially after editing physics, is orphaned joints. Go through all of your joints and make sure that each is connected fully, to two rigid bodies.

      • neko neko
        November 12, 2017    

        I fixed the crash but now it melts

        • November 12, 2017    

          You probably need to make sure that the first join of the root connects to a bone-type rigid body for its first body.

          • neko neko
            November 13, 2017    

            OK thanks

  4. Margaret Margaret
    June 14, 2017    

    I followed this to the best of my abilities with hair that is a single long ponytail on the side and the whole ponytail just falls to the ground, stretched from the head and all. What do I do.

    Also, I got really confused in the video because it was all in japanese vs my parts being in english + i need to know exactly what doing what’s in the video does. Thanks!

    • Margaret Margaret
      June 14, 2017    

      Okay I THINK I got it fixed, but now it’s just straight up crashing MMD :/

      • June 15, 2017    

        Im PMDE, select “File->State verification of PMD data” (or, if you use PMXE, “File->PMX Info”), run its output through Google Translate and see what error your model has. This tutorial also can help: http://akemiwhy.deviantart.com/art/pmx-diagnostic-window-a-WIP-guide-661769461

        • Margaret Margaret
          June 15, 2017    

          Okay, this is what I got out of it:

          Additional UV count: 0 | … ○ OK

          ■ Model Information
          Model name: | … △ The model name is empty.
          Comment: (*******) | … △ The comment is empty.

          ■ Vertex
          Illegal normal number: 0 | … ○ ○ OK
          Illegal wait count: 0 | … ○ OK
          Not set SDEF value: 0 | … ○ OK
          SDEF vertex illegal bone reference count: 0 | … ○ OK
          Independent (non-plane reference) Number of vertices: 0 | … ○ OK

          Number of invalid reference vertices: 0 | … ○ OK
          Number of fronts: 0 | … ○ OK
          Number of overlapping faces: 0 | … ○ OK

          Material name Not set: 0 | … ○ OK
          Material name Duplicate number: 0 | … ○ OK
          Material without surface: 0 | … ○ OK
          Texture invalid material: 0 | … ○ OK
          Sphere texture invalid Material: 0 | … ○ OK
          Sphere setting invalid Material: 0 | … ○ OK
          Toon texture invalid material: 0 | … ○ ○ OK
          Total number of materials: 2694 | … ○ ○ OK

          ■ Bourne
          Number of bones: 8 | … ○ ○ OK
          Bone name not set: 0 | … ○ OK
          Bone name duplication number: 0 | … ○ OK
          Circular reference: 0 | … ○ OK
          Order sequence check: 0 | … ○ OK
          Invalid parent reference: 0 | … ○ OK
          Granted sequence order confirmation: 0 | … ○ OK
          Granted parent reference invalid: 0 | … ○ OK
          Display destination invalid: 0 | … ○ OK
          Granted parent reference invalid: 0 | … ○ OK
          IKTarget reference invalid: 0 | … ○ OK
          IKLink reference invalid: 0 | … ○ OK

          ■ Morph
          Morph name not set: 0 | … ○ OK
          Morph name duplication number: 0 | … ○ OK
          Morph offset reference invalid: 0 | … ○ OK

          ■ Display frame
          Frame name not set: 0 | … ○ OK
          Frame name Duplicate number: 0 | … ○ OK
          Unregistered bones: 6 | … The bones below △ are not registered in the display frame.
          (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)
          Unregistered morph: 0 | … ○ OK
          Duplicate registration bone: 0 | … ○ OK
          Duplicate registration morph: 0 | … ○ OK
          Registration bone reference invalid: 0 | … ○ OK
          Registration morph reference invalid: 0 | … ○ OK
          Registration frame registration: … OK
          System frame status: … OK

          Rigid body
          Rigid body name not set: 0 | … ○ OK
          Rigid body name duplication number: 0 | … ○ OK
          Incorrect bone reference: 0 | … ○ OK

          ■ Joint
          Joint name Not set: 0 | … ○ OK
          Joint name Duplication number: 0 | … ○ OK
          Rigid body A reference illegal: 1 | … × Bad! The following Joint has incorrect rigid body A setting.
          Rigid body B reference illegal: 1 | … × Bad! Joint below Rigid body B setting incorrect.

          ■ Soft Body
          Soft Body name not set: 0 | … ○ OK
          SoftBody name Duplication number: 0 | … ○ OK
          Material reference invalid: 0 | … ○ OK
          Rigid body reference illegal: 0 | … ○ OK
          Vertex reference invalid: 0 | … ○ OK
          Illegal multiple vertex reference illegal: 0 | … ○ OK
          Target material Outer vertex reference illegal: 0 | … ○ OK

          I used this other tutorial (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5Pt8ArK-FY&t=510s) which made more sense to me, but basically gave me the same outcome. Someone in the comments mentioned static vs dynamic physics, but i don’t know how to enable that.

          (Thanks for the response btw ;w;)

          • June 15, 2017    

            Apparently the joint #5 does not join anything or is otherwise faulty.

            • Margaret Margaret
              June 15, 2017    

              How would I go about fixing that?

              • June 16, 2017    

                In Joints tab, find the record #5. “Body A” and “Body B” refer to a pair of rigid bodies (aka “physics”) that the joint is supposed to connect. Without seeing your model, I can’t guess which ones they should be, though. If you use a newer PMXE, you may try to call for TransformView window (F9), make sure rigid bodies are visible (“Bdy” button the upper left toolbar), and press the “Mode: ►” button. Supposedly you will see what bodyparts go scatter and what needs to be connected. If you only know how to use PMDE, try to delete that joint altogether, save under a different name, and load the model into MMD for the similar result. Hopefully it won’t crash without that offending joint and you will get your answer.

  5. Öykü Öykü
    April 8, 2017    

    Hello there,
    I could not figure out how to remove your body.
    That’s why I’m so glad you helped me.

    • May 11, 2017    

      Hi I don’t know what to do for mmdplayer

      • Reggie_Dentmore Reggie_Dentmore
        May 11, 2017    

        I’d be glad to help you… What are you talking about?

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