Why MMD cannot open the models in a saved PMM file

Feature article by ZoidsFanatic on LearnMMD.com.Why don’t my models save? How come MMD cannot open the models in my saved dances? Why does MMD crash when I try to open a saved file? Why does MMD make me re-find all my models when I save them?

Get that "I dunno ..." feeling when MMD cannot open the models in a saved animation? You are not  alone!

When MMD doesn’t work, many users are left with an “I dunno” feeling.
Soap model credits go to the user “Myself”.


Fixing MMD models that refuse to show up!

Have you ever opened up a saved MMD file only to discover this message?The infamous MMD Cannot Open the Model File error statement. ZoidsFanatic shows you how to get away from it! Or worse; MMD crashes?!

Well, if this ever happens to you, fear not. You did not break MMD nor does MMD have a virus. Instead, the system simply cannot find the model file you’re looking for because it can’t read the file. Now, if you have never seen this error screen then you’re likely using Western models, as this error normally effects Japanese models. Understand that when you download a Japanese model, your computer system is going to scramble to encode it. Now, unless you have a program in place that will encode it in English, your system will likely save Japanese text as a bunch of gibberish. So, instead of a file reading “東方” (“Touhou” or literally “Eastern”), your system may encode it as “É╬”.

With this in mind, the error screens appear because MMD (both the English and Japanese versions) can’t figure out what “É╬” means and will therefore ask you to identify the file. On other occasions, MMD may just crash. So, how do you fix this issue? It’s actually not as hard you may think.

You can see that the models file name is scrambled! For this example, I’m going to use Hinoichis’ Tomoe Mami model. First off, I download the model and unzip it. Next up, I’m presented with a window like this.

Rename your PMD or PMX file … replace the gibberish!

As you can see, a good chunk of the file is translated into gibberish. However, it’s only the model file we want to change as the folder name won’t really effect us much (though it’s still a good idea to rename it for organization sakes).
Renaming that scrambled file name will allow MMD to read the file's name ... and find it again, next time.So, let’s scroll down to the file itself and rename it. Since it’s Mami, we’ll name the file “Mami”. Remember to keep the .PMX or .PMD in the name, or else the file will break.

MikuMikuDance will be able to find this model, next time, because it can read the file name.So, with that all said in done, next time we save and open a file, we should be presented with Mami.






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