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MMD 8.06 Low Power button allows you to Multi-task

A Feature Article by Reggie Dentmore on LearnMMD.com

Trying to run Excel, Photoshop and MMD
at the same time?

Click the Low Power Button to Multi-task!

I often have multiple programs open on my PC … internet, WORD, Photoshop. In the past, everything else almost stopped once I opened MikuMikuDance. MMD 7.39 really USED the CPU chip as it constantly The Low Power button frees your CPU to run other tasks while you MMD!recalculated the in-between frames in your animation … making other open programs unusable.

That’s in the past as MMD 8.06 offers a Low Power button!

Clicking it cuts MMD’s CPU usage in a measurable way … freeing-up your CPU to be able to run other programs … even with the MMD program open. The picture, here, shows my CPU activity with the Low Power clicked  ON and Off while MMD is just idle.

The Low Power button has two states: “On” and “Off”. You will know that the Low Power is ON when you see the name of the button in BOLD: Low Power … Not bold indicates that MMD is back to using your CPU full-time.

I have been running MMD 8.06 … sometimes with the Low Power ON … and sometimes OFF … and I have not noticed the difference! I cannot think of a down-side if you just leave it ON (bold)… so that your computer’s background functions can run at full speed.

The Low Power button is a welcome upgrade from MMD 7.39!


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