MMD 8.06 Low Power button allows you to Multi-task

A Feature Article by Reggie Dentmore on

Trying to run Excel, Photoshop and MMD
at the same time?

Click the Low Power Button to Multi-task!

I often have multiple programs open on my PC … internet, WORD, Photoshop. In the past, everything else almost stopped once I opened MikuMikuDance. MMD 7.39 really USED the CPU chip as it constantly The Low Power button frees your CPU to run other tasks while you MMD!recalculated the in-between frames in your animation … making other open programs unusable.

That’s in the past as MMD 8.06 offers a Low Power button!

Clicking it cuts MMD’s CPU usage in a measurable way … freeing-up your CPU to be able to run other programs … even with the MMD program open. The picture, here, shows my CPU activity with the Low Power clicked¬† ON and Off while MMD is just idle.

The Low Power button has two states: “On” and “Off”. You will know that the Low Power is ON when you see the name of the button in BOLD: Low Power … Not bold indicates that MMD is back to using your CPU full-time.

I have been running MMD 8.06 … sometimes with the Low Power ON … and sometimes OFF … and I have not noticed the difference! I cannot think of a down-side if you just leave it ON (bold)… so that your computer’s background functions can run at full speed.

The Low Power button is a welcome upgrade from MMD 7.39!


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