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Hi there fellow MMDers! (^^)A Feature Article by contributor VocaMix2684 on LearnMMD.com

If you want the best  MMD models, stages, and accessories; apart from searching on DeviantArt; you canMikuDance.info has a constantly updated list of new MMD models and accesssories. refer to this following website:

There are a ton of model links at MikuDance.info and they usually include a password if one is needed. Some models require you to find out the password for certain sites, while other models might not have any download links or have broken links; but the rest of the links will work!

I’ll be ready to help if you find any problems with any of the links. (See the story about ME … VocaloidAnime 1924)

Also this site has a lot of great tutorials and download help. Be sure to visit Mikudance.info!

EDITORS NOTE: The owner of Mikudance.info is retired from using MikuMikuDance. He is taking his site off-line. His original website is preserved here: http://web.archive.org/web/20140517170105/http://mikudance.info/
— Reggie Dentmore 7/15/2014

Broken models, white models are often caused by scrambled file names.Remember that many models available from Japanese sites have Japanese file names that can be scrambled if you do not unzip the downloaded files properly … resulting in broken models that look white or incomplete. Follow these steps shown, here, to unzip Japanese models. 

Sometimes certain models such as Lat MMD models might not work in your MikuMikuDance program as it depends on your software version, and you might need a version of 7.39 in order to get your models right!

Editor’s Note: Be sure to keep track of the sources of your downloads. You need to give credit to the designers and creators of the items you use in your videos. Please see the Etiquette of MikuMikuDance.


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