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Vocaloids and MMD: It’s all about the Music!!

MMD: IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MUSIC!! Vocaloids are banned in some schools in Japan! There was an interesting article that I recently read that reported that Miku Hatsune and other vocaloids are actually banned from some schools in Japan. Which, if you think about it, since Japan is the home of the vocaloids, is very […]


Exporting VSQX to VSQ for MMD!

In MMD, there is an option to use a VSQ VOCALOID project file for your lip motion without having to make your lip motion by hand! However, VSQ files are only project files from VOCALOID 2. In VOCALOID 3 or higher, there is a plugin available to you so you can export VSQX (VOCALOID 3 […]


VOCALOID 3 Tutorial – The whole interface on a basic level

VOCALOID 3 Tutorial The whole interface on a basic level Hello, I’m going to show you how to create wonderful songs of your own or a cover song by creating good structured lyrics in VOCALOID 3. I have been fiddling with the program and watching tutorials so now its time to summarize what I’ve learnt! […]


Introduction to Vocaloid: a short tutorial

A short tutorial … Introduction to Vocaloid … the REASON for MikuMikuDance! LearnMMD is a place to learn about the 3D animating program MikuMikuDance, right? But do you ever think about the roots of this extremely popular program? Why was MMD created? In case you don’t know, MikuMikuDance was created to promote the program Vocaloid. […]

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