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Hitogata Brings Face Tracking to MMD

What is Hitogata? How does the face tracking program work? How can I make MMD facial animation from a video file? Hitogata Brings Face Tracking to MMD Hitogata is a new project from Mogg, the same person who created Face and Lips, the VMD Smoothing Tool, and MikuMikuMoving. It is a facial tracking system that […]


PMD Editor Basics: .SPH and .SPA Files Add Sparkle!

.spa VS .sph sphere texture file types in PMDE / MikuMikuDance MMD.

.SPH and .SPA Files Add Sparkle! Ever feel like a model is too plain? Ever wish you could give her hair a realistic shine, or make her shoes look like shiny leather? Well, you can! It’s easy! Just use .sph and .spa files! .sph and .spa files, also known as “Sphere textures”, are very much what their […]

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