How To Make MMD Pictures and Videos Like a Pro

A feature article by LearnMMD's Sakura Zaviera!How can I create MMD pictures like a Pro? What effects will make my MMD pictures better? What effects will enhance my MMD pictures? How can my MMD pictures become “art”?

How To Make MMD Pictures and Videos Like a Pro!

Hi guys! My name is Sakura Xaviera but you can call me Xav.
I am a student, I have made an UTAU voicebank, and I enjoy creating pictures with MikuMikuDance… so, I’m gonna show you how to make MMD Pictures and Videos like a pro.

You can make your MMD Pictures and Videos look like they were made by a pro!

Gasai Yuno on-stage! Click for the full-size image.

MME v037

In this tutorial, use must have MME installed in your MMD.

Set up your model…

I am gonna use Gasai Yuno because she is my favourite. You can use any model you like. But I don’t recommended LAT models because it will break the model’s face.

Now you see there are outline lines on the model. Some people don’t Getting rid of edgelines will help you make MMD Pictures and Videos like a pro!know how to make them disappear so I’m gonna tell ya how to do it. You click “view(V)” and then choose “thickness of edge line”. You click that and slide the pointer to zero, like this… and those lines will disappear!


Add Effects…

I like to use the GreenerShader Pack effect. If you don’t have it, you can download it here! You open the file and there will be another file named “プリセット“. Open the file and search for “GreenerShader_ES_NEUTRAL.fx“. Use MME effect mapping to add the effect to the model.

Now change the light manipulation to +0.3to -0.1 and to +0.5. REGISTER.

Get your effects from the OneDrive Effects page!Now grab o_Tonemap, o_SurplusFilter and


First add SelfOverlay. You can choose any of these three… o_SelfOverlay.x, o_SelfOverlay_Blur.x or o_SelfOverlay_Soft.x .

Then open SurplusFilter. You will find:

  • o_BleachBypass
  • o_LikeHDR
  • o_PixelBlur
  • o_toProcColor

Open o_BleachBypass and select o_Bleach-bypass.x. and set the Tr in the accessory manipulation to 0.40 or 0.50. Adjust it as you like.

Then add o_Tonemap.x and of course its in the o_Tonemap file.

If you applied these effects on TDA model, you can see there are lines in the model’s hair. If you want it to disappear, download ExcellentShadow.

And if you want to make a video using those effects, remember to render it in HD and it will look like this:

And… that’s all from me!

~Good luck from Xav!!!!

Enjoy MikuMikuDance!


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