Convert PMD Models To PMX Models and Chicken-Leg Fix!

A feature article by LearnMMD's BigPerryman!How do I convert PMD models into PMX models? How do I fix the legs of my PMX model? How can I add a mother bone to my MMD model?

Convert PMD Models To PMX Models
With Mother Bone And Chicken Leg Fix!

Hey ya’ll!

There are a few reasons why you might want to change your PMD model to PMX.

My first and most personal reason is that it’s easier to find parts for the model, since PMD will not use PMX parts. There are also less options for the edgeline, where you can’t change the opacity, size and color of it in PMD but you can in PMX. Using the program in general gives you many more options than PMDEditor as well.(thanks imalune!).

Today I’m gonna teach you how to make a normal PMD model into a PMX, and there are several things to do.

Here are the three things we will be clearing on today:

  • Changing the file
  • Fixing the legs
  • Adding a mother bone

The two programs I am using today are MMD 9.26 and PMXE 0139, which can both be found on the LearnMMD Downloads page!

Convert PMD into PMX: Just Open and Save!

First off, I will load the model into PMXE. Locate the model in the appropriate folder (for the model I am using, it will be MikuMikuDance > UserFile > Model > Neru_Akita.pmd).

The first step to convert PMD models to PMX Models: open your PMD model in PMX Editor...

Now that she/he’s loaded, just save it again under the same name. Now it’s a PMX… simple as that!

To convert PMD models to PMX Models: save your PMD model from PMX Editor.

Add a Mother Bone…

Now let’s fix the mother bone on the model. To do this, look at the smaller window where the model is not at. It’s the same box you opened and saved the model from. At the top, click the dropdown and follow Edit (E) > Bone (B) > Add Parent (J). This will add the mother bone so that your model can turn without the legs going insane!

While you have the model open in PMXE... go ahead and add a Mother Bone!

Chicken Legs!

Even though you did this, sadly, the legs will continue to go crazy. This is what happens if you don’t change them…

When you convert PMD models to PMS models, you must fix the "derpy" legs!

Thank you for the image!

Not to worry, though! At the top are some tabs, and click on the tab that says Bone.

There will be a lot of words with different colored boxes next to them. You may have to scroll, but once you have found it, click on one

Editor’s Note 7/15/16… LearnMMD’s Trackdancer2015 says “The best way to avoid a problem is to prevent the problem from happening in the first place.” Here is Trackdancer’s Deviant Art post to help you avoid “Derpy Legs”

of two that reads 左足IK. Do this method for BOTH of the highlighted bones below. (in this case, #74 is one leg… and #75 is the other)

There will be two options to choose from, and click the first option of the two. There are six different boxes there with an option above reading Limit Angle.

For the top two, change the numbers to -180.0 and -0.5, then click the Limit Angle button.

Then save it and that’s it!

A perfect PMX model!

A perfect PMX model!


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