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Dueling Banjos w Metronome MMD Inspiration Video on YouTube

Dueling Banjos with Metronome MMD Inspiration Video is now on YouTube!

I needed to see some progress on my “Dueling Banjos” project, so I made this video just to put a smile on my face.

We see the metronome ticking-out the tempo along with my “Dueling Banjos” models and accessories onstage just to inspire me to continue with this massive project. Maybe it’ll be a meme, someday “:o). I could make the PMM and the accessories available as a ZIP when I have it finished. Play the video!

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My plan is to have Kaito doing that stupid slap-dance that is in the background of the original movie clip … and have him moving all over the stage; blocking the camera’s view of Miku and Neru at critical music points … right when the audience expects to see some “fancy finger-picking”, Kaito will be in the way to save me from having to do incredible finger-picking animation! I may run some credits as show-cards over those points as well, just to get the audience’s goat! “Grrrrr!” I WILL have to have A FEW hot close-ups of flying fingers … we’ll see!

A sub-plot will be both Miku and Neru looking annoyed and then pissed as Kaito dances through. Maybe Miku quickly draws a big pistol and let’s him have it in the last beat of the banjo’s finale: Den-den-dilly-dilly-dilly-dilly den, “BANG!” … a round of applause “:o).

I will also come up with an appropriate stage set … a large “flat” of a wooden “elementary school auditorium stage” and a wooden floor … ?? … or could be a hillbilly shack scene as per the movie. I see the school’s stage in my mind’s eye.

Enjoy … and come back to watch my progress!
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