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Adjust downloaded motions to fit your MMD models

Why is my model out of view when I load a camera motion? Is it OK to adjust downloaded motions? How can I adjust a motion to fit my model? Why do my model’s arms go through the body?    If you’ve downloaded motions before, then you’re probably familiar with these problems: “Clipping” where hands or […]


Local and Global Mode Bone Movement MMD: Miku’s Mode Swings

Motion is LOCAL, per the Model's orientation, or GOBAL, per the Program's Grid. (Meiko Sakine from MMD 7.39)

What do local and global mode mean in MMD? What’s the difference between local and global  mode in MikuMikuDance? What does local and global mean in Miku Miku Dance? How do you use the local and global in MMD DirectX? Thinking globally and acting locally! MMDer 1: “Hey Arizona! What’s up?” Arizona: “According to the […]

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