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How To Make Global Lighting Work with Game-Rips

How do I make global lighting work on my game-ripped models? Why won’t my model react to global lighting? How can I use PMDE to fix my game rips? Fixing Game-Rips When They Don’t React To Global Lighting Don’t you hate when you can’t make the global lighting “work” on some of your models (mostly […]

Adjusting the Physical Operation Tab settings in MMD 9.10

How do you adjust the Physical Operation Tab settings in MMD? What’s new in the MMD 9.10 physics engine settings? How do I turn off the physics in MikuMikuDance?    The PHYSICS ENGINE Settings in MMD 9.10 After a long time, I think I finally figured out the nuts and bolts to the new Physics […]

Use 2D Background Images in MikuMikuDance

I want to use 2D background images in MikuMikuDance. How do I use a photograph as a background image for my MMD pictures? Will a simple photo work as a background image? Use 2D Background Images to make pictures and videos in MikuMikuDance! Hello Everyone! Today I will show you how to use background images […]

The MMD Physics Engine keeps Skirts from going through legs!

Why does my model look so stiff? Can I adjust the MMD Physics Engine to automatically take care of my model’s fabrics and hair? Do I always have to adjust every bone in the model in order to get a natural pose?   How to keep Skirts from going through legs … Adjust Gravity & […]

How to Add Multiple Effects on a Model.

How do you use more than one effect at a time in MMD? Can you use multiple effects in MikuMikuDance? Why do some effects cancel each other out in MMD DirectX 9? Is there a tutorial for using multiple effects in MMD? Using Multiple Effects In MikuMikuDance. This was originally an answer to a reader’s […]

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