How To Make Global Lighting Work with Game-Rips

An MMD Feature Article by Winky on!How do I make global lighting work on my game-ripped models? Why won’t my model react to global lighting? How can I use PMDE to fix my game rips?

Fixing Game-Rips When They Don’t React To Global Lighting

Don’t you hate when you can’t make the global lighting “work” on some of your models (mostly game rips)? You try adjusting the RGB values (colors of light) and the light direction (X, Y, Z) on the sliders in the green “Light Manipulation Box” and they seem to affect everyone but the game rip model!

Fixing Game-Rips When They Don't React To Global Lighting ... Make Global Lighting work!

I found the solution. You need to fix the materials (the physical model itself) and add “toons”. (Toons basically are what give your model self-shadow.)

Fixing the Materials:
1. Open up PMD editor. (I am using the Roughly Translated 0.063 Slim DX English version by Showa, but I believe that this tutorial can be used with almost any version)

Open you model in PMD Editor ...

2. Load your model.
3. Go to the material (MA) tab.
4. In the first material (usually labeled MA0) change the shininess to about 97 by typing it into the shininess box.
5. Next change the Ambient to a light grey, by clicking on the box below the ambient, selecting your colors, and pressing “okay.”

Set the Shininess to a value of 97

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for all the materials i.e. MA0, MA1, MA2…
7. Add toons.

MMD 9.10 includes these toon files.

Now before I go on, let me explain a few things to you about toons. In the steps below (How to add toons) I’m only using the default toons that come with MMD. To see these default toons go into the Data folder inside your MMD folder. (You can also make your own toons, if you feel that would be better for your model … looks like toons 7 thru 10 are available.)









How to add toons:
1. In the first material (MA0) go to the drop down list labeled “Toon text”
2. If the material is a skin material select toon02, toon04, or toon05. If the material is anything else select toon01 or toon03.**

Match each material with its appropriate toon file.

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for all the materials.

Now your model will react to the global lighting.

Now your model will react to global lighting.

Finished Picture:

The finished model looks great!



Elsa: Disney (model ripped from Frozen Free Fall) and
Background (Hall with Columns): 3D Custom Girl and
Effects: Beamman and Otomon

**These are only recommendations, you can use whatever toons you want or feel is better suited for that material.


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