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.vpd Pose Files help you demo new MMD Models

What are .vpd pose files? Why have .vpd pose files in Miku MikuDance? How do I make .vpd pose files in MikuMikuDance?A Feature Article by Reggie Dentmore on LearnMMD.com

Use .vpd Pose Files to quickly pose new models!

Keep a collection of pose files handy so that you can quickly add a nice pose to your models. I have only a small number of saved poses … but they come in handy when I just want a pleasant pose Click the Picture to see a Larger image of Reggies .vpd poses file collection.for a quick test of some kind … or when I am showing visitors how MMD works.

This is my little collection of poses. You can DOWNLOAD MY POSE COLLECTION and have them for your own. The Zip file includes the poses shown here as well as my nice collection of hand poses. (See my Hand Poses page for pictures of the poses.) The hand poses really work well and are a great time saver!

How can you make and save your own poses? Remember that a pose is only a single frame. So set up your pose, hold down the shift key and select each diamond in your pose. (You can click V-Sel to select every diamond in that frame, but you might not WANT ALL of the diamonds in your pose.) Click COPY and then, from the FILE Menu select Save Pose Data. Name the file … and you are done. MMD saves the new pose in the POSE folder. To use a .vpd pose file, choose your model. From the file menu, select Load Pose Data … and watch your model snap to the new pose. Click REGISTER to lock-in the pose. Sometimes a pose will include the Center and IK bones … so your model may leap to center stage … just be prepared to move her back where she belongs.


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  1. Devils right hand Devils right hand
    December 29, 2017    

    I’m an aspiring animator, and since I’m only 15 my teacher told me to try and animate he wants to see how much I know. ;-; I really do suck although I want to become one. So far all I can make a model do when it comes to motion is justtwitch there head XS.

    • December 30, 2017    

      “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?” – “Practice, man, practice.” (c)

  2. February 3, 2016    

    Wait, wait, wait, how do I download models? T-T

  3. Arizona Arizona
    August 21, 2012    

    After reading this, and checking, I realized how little pose data I have. (T_T).

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