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MMD AnimationSmoother Tool does just that!

Where can I download the MMD MotionSmoother Tool? How do I use the Tool? Is there a shortcut to making smoother motions?

Make animation smoother with one simple tool…
MMD AnimationSmoother Tool

MikuMikuDance is an amazing software to animate with, with little to no limits on what you can do. Animating is a long challenging process that takes a lot of time and effort depending on how you want the final production to look.


You may not need to spend all that time to edit your motion keyframes with the “interpolation curve” if you want a liquid smooth look to your animations. I have discovered one simple tool you can use to do all that within a few clicks and seconds: the MMD AnimationSmoother Tool. The source of this tool is unknown; some of you may already know about this tool.

Download the Motion Smoothing Tool. It’s a free download.

Unzip the folder… we recommend using Bandizip. Once you have created your motion file, save it to a location where you can drag it directly into the tool; preferably save it in the same location as the tool.

Once you have dragged the file and clicked OK on the tool it will take a few seconds to create the motion file, the new file should be named Out.vmd and should be saved on the Desktop or the same location as the tool or motion data.

Now you are done! You have just made a motion file that will smoothen everything for you. Load it onto your model and watch as it moves fluidly and realistically, here is what the keyframes should now look like:


Note that, because every frame has data in it, you can’t really edit that motion after the motion-smoother is applied. So, if you want to make changes to the motion, keep a backup of your original motion file. Edit whatever you need to in that original file and then when you are certain everything is right, place it into the tool and load it again. … Also note that the new motion file is a much larger file size than the original motion file.

Because the newly created motion file is SO huge, you may find that a longer motion will lock-up MMD… so, you might want to use it on only short-parts of your motion file. Create a VMD of just the part of the motion that you WANT to smooth… smooth it… and then copy/paste that motion back into your main production.

Here is an example of the MotionSmoother… the Haku on the Left is the original motion file.
See how the Haku on the Right now has a bit of “deceleration” with a bounce at the top of the motion and again at the end of the motion… and, it’s hard to see it in this GIF, but the finger-motion of the right hand is nicely smoothed-out as the fist closes. (Also, I see that the AnimationSmoother Haku didn’t get the message to close her eyes.)

Example of the MMD AnimationSmoother Tool at work!

Original Motion VS MMD AnimationSmoother Tool

Add any motion file you want to the tool. It will correct and smooth any motion file you please.

Download the Motion Smoothing Tool. … and give it a try!


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  1. Juulian Juulian
    December 14, 2018    

    this tool says as I’ve translated the error message

    “Number of bones have exceeded the specific value”

    its not even a long motion either… a minute and 40 seconds at least.

    • Reggie_Dentmore Reggie_Dentmore
      December 14, 2018    

      Check it out… That tool adds a registered diamond in every frame… 100-seconds @ 30fps = 3000 frames with a wall of registered diamonds in every frame… “Exceeds” is probably an understatement! … It probably almost locks-up your computer when you try to SAVE that dance!
      That tool is useful only for short bits of animation.

      • Julian Julian
        December 22, 2018    

        what’s the point of the tool if it can’t be used for even a 1 minute song?

        I wish it would be updated to be used for full length songs…

        I would still get the error message in Japanese saying “bones exceed the number of specific value”

        • Reggie_Dentmore Reggie_Dentmore
          December 22, 2018    

          Well said. It’s not my tool. I didn’t design it… it is just “out there for your use”; offered by its creator… You are free to use it…or not. I find no use for it, myself, but the author of that tutorial thought it was cool!

          • FizzyFloat FizzyFloat
            July 20, 2019    

            Late reply but this does not mean that the motion is too long, it means that the model has too many bones. Most likely because of physic bones. Try importing the motion to an Animasa model or any simple model with the basic bone structure, and save the motion from there. It should work.

  2. savanna savanna
    November 11, 2017    

    mine has some error and says its not a vmd help..

    • November 11, 2017    

      More details, please. What said what, and what did you do to it?

      • someone? someone?
        November 26, 2017    

        I’ve had the same problem- whenever I load the Motion Data onto the model, I receive an error saying “This is not a Vocaloid Motion Data file !!”.
        Do you know how to fix it? Or if there is a previous version of the motion smoother I can use?

        • November 27, 2017    

          It’s hard to tell, the tool is really new (the tag on Mediafire page says this September), and none of us heard of it previously. Maybe if you upload the model, the source motion, and the converted motion somewhere we could inspect them for ourselves, someone might take a look.

        • PatchesEA PatchesEA
          November 27, 2017    

          You cannot load camera motion data into the tool. only valid model data. Before you save the VMD. file select all keyframes and save it to a folder. and then drag and drop it into the tool. it should work.

          This tool only accepts VMD. files

    • eROF eROF
      March 31, 2018    

      I think you have to select all the frames by hand. Do not select ANY facial “diamond”. I did this and it worked. :)

  3. angel angel
    October 30, 2017    

    I don’t know how to get it to work I’m confused how do you open it and drag the file it says it might harm the computer someone explain it here

    • Reggie_Dentmore Reggie_Dentmore
      October 30, 2017    

      You download the RAR folder… drag it to your desktop… ((We recommend you use BANDIZIP to extract your RAR and ZIP folders) double-click on that RAR and choose EXTRACT to unzip the folder and, on your desktop, you will see the new folder… double-click the .exe file to open the little window. Drag your existing .VPD motion file into the window and click OK. … a new .VPD file will be created. Use that new VPD as your motion file.
      … NOTE: do this for only shorter motions… something over a minute long will generate a HUGE .VPD file that may cause MMD to lock-up! … this is best used to smooth little portions of larger motions.

  4. September 19, 2017    

    Thanks you very very much for the tutorial! It will help me a lot (✧ω✧)b

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