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MikuMikuDance Links and Resources …

… a scratchpad of our favorite places for everything MikuMikuDance!



Favourite links? Hmm….

I quite like: 
http://mmd.nomeu.org/arcs  You can put in a SM number or the file name and it will search its archives to see if they have it down. If they do it will lead you where you need to go in order to find it~ 

 It’s nice having a big list of where to find specific modellers models.

With this site you can convert pretty much any video straight to a .WAV :D (Instead of converting to .mp3 and then to .WAV~)

I may have some more but I will need to go through my bookmarks… all 1040 of them which are scattered throughout more than 20 folders :’D



Trackdancer @ http://trackdancer.deviantart.com/ – lots of stages, items, videos etc there… but what made this guy’s dA exceptional for me – he’s a bleeping *fountain* of tutorials.
– KillerBeer




AnimeNebula003  http://animenebula003.deviantart.com/

Nebula is a generous deviant with skills unmatched in the PMD/ PMD Editor and modeling world. I personally get most of my model parts from her and don’t hesitate to comment on her marvelous work! ( especially the needle cyber legs, I mean what model wouldn’t want those?) well known for outstanding works with requests and more, Nebula can be counted on in her work.

— FiaPhoenix

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Shoes, skirts, cloths, props …

Amiamy111 http://amiamy111.deviantart.com/gallery/

This person has lots of other cool MMD stuff, so make sure to check it out!

— Noko2

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Amiamy111 : http://amiamy111.deviantart.com/

She has many stages for you to download !


Check out this page for models and stages … fun stuff!


— Reggie D







Anomaro’s blog

A great Japanese model maker. While having the standard Vocaloid models he has also given us Zoid models, something you don’t see everyday!

-Zoids Fanatic



Can’t beat the classics when it comes to the distribution on NicoNico. Lots and lots of models!

-Zoids Fanatic



Another classic for the MMD. Lots of models to choose from!

-Zoids Fanatic



A Ukrainian modeler on Deviantart who deals with game rips, mainly military-based games, but has a surprising number of unique and well-crafted models to choose from.

-Zoids Fanatic



A great place to find bass and guitars, along with Freddie Mercury

-Zoids Fanatic


MikuMikuDance Wiki

Keeping Zoids Fanatic’s theme of classics This site is English and Japanese friendly.



My Favorite Models …


Check out this page for models and stages, including NyaReimu … fun stuff!


— Reggie D