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MMD Project Source YouTube’s Baster037 provides links!

What’s a good MMD project source for motions, models and stages? Where can I download complete MMD projects? YouTube’s Baster037 share’s links and is An MMD Project Source! I am always on the look-out for a solid MMD Project source… and today I discovered the MMD videos by Baster037 on YouTube. Bright colors, cute models, […]


LearnMMD Stage Lit with AutoLuminous Lights

How do I light the Lights on the LearnMMD Stage? Where can I download the LearnMMD Stage? Where can I download the AutoLuminous effect? “Lights… Camera… Action!” Turn on the Lights on the LearnMMD Stage! Deviant Art’s trackdancer created our beautiful LearnMMD Stage. He included many innovations that MMDers will love… including a mirrored dance-floor […]


New LearnMMD Stage Instructions just posted!

How do I use the LearnMMD Stage? Why does my new LearnMMD Stage seem incomplete? Wow, my LearnMMD Stage is awesome! LearnMMD Stage Instructions Download the LearnMMD Stage from the LearnMMD.com Downloads Page … now includes full, illustrated instructions so that you can easily set-up and enjoy all of the features of this wonderful stage. […]


New LearnMMD Stage Download is Ready!

The New… LearnMMD Stage is ready to Download! LearnMMD.com is proud to announce our new LearnMMD Stage created especially for LearnMMD by our friend, Trackdancer. DOWNLOAD NOW from the LearnMMD Downloads Page. You will love this stage! The stage has a mirrored floor, “lights” that work when you engage the AutoLuminous effect, a custom dark […]


MMD Batokin Island stage is MORE than a beach

Where can I download the MMD Batokin Island stage set? How do I use Batokin Island in MikuMikuDance? How do I move my models to a new part of MMD Batokin Island?   MMD Batokin Island stage is MORE than a beach scene! It’s the stage for a full adventure video game … a beautiful […]


Learn How to Dress the LearnMMD Stage – Instructions

So, I downloaded the LearnMMD Stage from the Downloads page … What do I do with it? How do I dress the LearnMMD stage? The stage is brightly colored, can I tone it down? Are there instructions for using the LearnMMD Stage? What do I do with all of those curtains that are included with […]

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