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New LearnMMD Stage Download is Ready!

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The New…
LearnMMD Stage is ready to Download!

DOWNLOAD ... The LearnMMD Stage is a wonderful venue for your next music video!
LearnMMD.com is proud to announce our new
LearnMMD Stage created especially for LearnMMD by our friend, Trackdancer. DOWNLOAD NOW from the LearnMMD Downloads Page.

You will love this stage! The stage has a mirrored floor, “lights” that work when you engage the AutoLuminous effect, a custom dark See the LearnMMD Stage Demo Video on YouTube!skydome with soft, distant “stars”/spotlights, an optional “meter” that displays VMDSpectrum data … and, what could be a “world-first”: a tinted motion capture screen! … or you can use the included “standard” screen.

Looks so Professional … that you can imagine it installed at ground-zero inside Madison Square Garden, mid-field at the Super Bowl, or screen-center in your music video!

See “The Full Instructions” to learn how to setup your new stage!

DOWNLOAD ... The LearnMMD Stage is a wonderful venue for your next music video!

You will want to install the AutoLuminous effect to “switch-on” those beautiful lights  … and, behind the models in the Demo-Video you will see the sound-spectrum meter driven by VMDspectrum data; yet another new thing to learn!

See the set-up comic included with your LearnMMD Stage download.

Comic-strip Instructions …

Trackdancer included an MMD “comic” to show you how to set-up your stage. There is an order of things … and a manipulation or two to be done as you get it ready to go.


You’ll need MME …

You will want to have MME, MikuMikuEffects, installed inside your MMD folder … get MME “in English” from our Downloads page. With MME, you can use the AutoLuminous effect to ignite the lights on your new stage.

 Enjoy the LearnMMD Stage!

Download our stage and get started on your next hit video!

Post Note:

Download the VMDSpectrum program from LearnMMD.comDon’t forget to download the application for the VMDSpectrum.  The URL is on the LearnMMD Downloads Page.

… and READ THE VMD Spectrum Analyzer Instructions to create the VMD files you will need for the Spectrum device included with your LearnMMD Stage.


Visit the LearnMMD.com Homepage! Plenty of Mikumikudance instruction and info!


  1. NeCookie NeCookie
    October 16, 2015    

    How do you get that transparent working floor thingy?
    I used working floor a while now but I have no idea how to get it transparent. All I can do is fade it to white or black, depends on the backround colour.

    • Reggie_Dentmore Reggie_Dentmore
      October 16, 2015    

      Hmmm… the stage model has that circuit-board floor… and the mirror layer is an MME effect… and after you load the mirror, you have to rotate it as per the instructions so that it lies flat rather than stands on edge… and, beyond that, I cannot visualize your problem… maybe email me a screen-capture or two to show me what’s going on… reggiedentmore@aol.com

  2. Dat Lynn Dat Lynn
    February 7, 2015    

    Umm.. How do you use the VMD spectrum? I can’t find the URL in the tutorial like you said, or am I missing something? Sorry in advance

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