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Convert .PMD Stages to .X Format using PMDE for MMD

How do I convert .PMD stages into an Accessory in MMD? Can I make a  .PMD model into a .x model for use as an accessory in MikuMikuDance? Can I edit .x accessory models in PMD Editor PMDE? Why does my system lag when I use some stages and not others? Convert .PMD Stages to […]


LearnMMD’s METRONOME is Ready to Download!

Get the LearnMMDMmetronome. It is a real help!

How do I find the beat in my MikuMikuDance songs? How do I time my motions to the music in Miku Miku Dance 7.39? Is there a metronome for MMD 7.39? LearnMMD’s METRONOME is Ready to Download! As I started my Dueling Banjos project, I knew I was in for trouble! The tempo of that […]


Animation Lag may “blur” your playback in MikuMikuDance

Animation Lag may “blur” your playback. Why don’t I see the motion that I just entered during playback? Why don’t the mouth shapes look like what I animated? Why can’t MikuMikuDance show sudden movements? Animation Lag occurs when running MMD on an older, slower computer system. MMD is a powerhouse program that uses your computer’s […]

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