MME Oppai Effect enhances MMD Model’s figure… one for the boys!

A Feature Article by Reggie Dentmore on LearnMMD.comHow can I give my MMD model larger “Oppai”? Where can I download the Oppai Effect? Do I have to edit the Oppai Effect in order to make it work? I cannot find the .x file in the Oppai Effect.

The MME Oppai Effect adjusts the breast size of your MME models!

The MME Oppai Effect
enhances an MMD Model’s figure…
…one for the boys!

This is a crazy idea for an MME effect… but it is an OLD one from 2012.

It is easy to use!

You can DOWNLOAD THE OPPAI EFFECT. Unzip it and add it to your Effects folder… and… you are almost done! SEE, on that effects page, that there are MANY effects. You can go back, later, to try out some of the other ones.

NOTE: 04/19/2022… A reader discovered that the page will not let him download this zip folder, or any other single zip. BUT, if you will click the DOWNLOAD link in the top Left of the page, you will download a 15MB folder of ALL of the effects zip-folders on that page. You may then unzip any of the effects you wish. The Oppai Effect is one of those folders and… it works!

Load your MMD model. There is no .x file to load: you attach the effect to your model in MME Effect Mapping.
Just go to the MME Effect Mapping screen, select your model, and Set Effect… then navigate to your Oppai Effect folder and select that single .fx file. … When you click OK on Effect Mapping, your model’s chest will suddenly enlarge.

You can EDIT the .fx File…

The standard effect yields a bit of enlargement… but you can do MORE… or less! Open the FX file in a text editor like Notepad++. There are only TWO user adjustments… “Oppai Power” and “Tanima”. .. The “Power” is the size and seems to work within a numeric range of 0.1 through 1.0, with 0.5 being the default… and the “Tanima” is the shape with a setting of your choice of 0, 1, or 2

You can edit the Oppai Effect to modify the effect... giving your model larger or smaller breasts in a choice of shapes!

The OPPAI POWER setting controls the size of the models Oppai.

The "Tanima" adjustment controls the shape of the Oppai in the Oppai Effect.

One of the interesting things about editing that file, when you click SAVE, the MMD model will jump to the new shape you requested. You can do it “live” with the Notepad screen on top of the MMD screen as per my images, above. When you SAVE the text screen, the model will require a few seconds and then she assumes the new shape. I found that sometimes I can hurry the process by clicking SAVE, again.

Stupid fun…

What can I say… ? Enjoy!

Have fun with MikuMikuDance!



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