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MMD Augmented Reality AR on Android Devices

VOCALOIDS IN AUGMENTED REALITY ON ANDROID DEVICES AND OTHER COOL STUFF The MMD program has been around more or less even since Miku Hatsune first made her debut on the world stage in 2007. The current version of MMD (version 9.26) has been around for nearly two years now and it doesn’t seem likely that […]


The Disappearance of Akita Neru

The Disappearance of Akita Neru

Neru: OK, this article is going to be all about me! And about me, ONLY! And that was because the last article was written about her; so why is she here? Miku: Because you love me? Neru: NO I HATE YOU! YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH I HATE YOU! Miku: Waaaaahhh… Neru’s being mean […]


A Discussion on the subject of Bone Deformation Hierarchy

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A Discussion on the subject of Bone Deformation Hierarchy On Sun, 3/19/17, Trackdancer2015 wrote: Mr. Bandages, I was wondering if you could clarify something for me, please? In the PMDe/PMXe under the bone tab, there is a field for a value called Deform Hierachy (Deform hier. in the PMDe UI). So next to this label […]


A girl named Miku Hatsune…

A girl named Miku Hatsune… Orbiting the planet Venus is the JAXA probe “Akatsuki” and on board are several plaques featuring a very unusual personality: Miku Hatsune. Miku’s journey on the Akatsuki started in 2010, just shortly before she hit the top of the Japanese album charts. Both are astonishing accomplishments for a 16 year […]


Japanese MMD mod allows Automatic Breathing action in MMD models

How can I make my MMD model have automatic breathing? How do I modify my PMX model so she can breathe automatically? Automatic Breathing… How to make a Vocaloid breathe! This article will teach you how to use a Japanese MMD mod which allows a MMD model to automatically replicate breathing. To add the mod […]


Speech Synthesizer gives MMD Models a voice!

How do I make my Vocaloid model talk instead of sing? Where can I get a speech synthesizer to read my script? How can I give a voice to my MMD model? Vocaloid software is basically a speech synthesis application. But it is designed specifically for singing rather than for speaking… and on top of […]

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