Playing with MME Effects – Using MikuMikuEffects for MMD

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Playing with MME – Using the Basic Effects for MMD

Hello fellow MMDers!! (^^)

You might be extremely fascinated with the various effects that are used in MMD videos that you see on YouTube. Here I am going to show you how to use the basic effects in MME; before we get into the more sophisticated ones. =)

First we will start with the popular “Diffusion” effect! This effect is very gentle and is known to make the models look softer, giving the screen a bit of a soft blur.

In this picture I have tried to show you the “Diffusion 7” effect. I used the version 7 as it gives a clearer view than the previous versions!

Diffusion 7 gently blurs the hard lines and softens the shadow edges.
Download the effect here. Just click on the name of the file and it will automatically start downloading!!108&cid=EF581C37A4524EDA
Select Diffusion 7: [It is just below Diffusion 6]

Now to use this effect:

1. Open up MMD and load a model. [REMEMBER] MME effects will only work for the users who have installed MME into their computer and have interlinked it with MMD. DOWNLOAD MME Effects (MMEffects) from LearnMMD’s Downloads page!
2. Under “Accessory Manipulation” click on load; and then go over to the file in which you have saved your diffusion effect file.
3. Once you have found the file, open the file and click on the “Diffusion.x” file and the effect will be loaded!

And now you will have your model looking softer at the edges with a gently blurred look! (^^) … You can turn the effect off and on using the Display check-box. Be sure to Register when you click/unclick the Display box.

These steps can be applied to the Snow effect and the Blizzard effect.
Refer to the pictures to see how the effects look!

The blizzard effect is easy and dramatic!

The Snow Effect ... just looks cold, doesn't it?

Also, below, is a lovely effect known as “Falling Hearts” where hearts replace the snow!!
This effect was made by an MMDer named RinnyKagamine!

The Falling Heart Effect is just a wonderful effect ... gorgeous!

Download link for the “Falling Hearts” effect:

Refer to her site for other effects too!

I will explain about other effects that are to be applied to the model manually in the next article of the “Playing with MME” series!

If you have any trouble with these MMD Effects, email your questions to and I will help you with any of the effects. I’ll try to sort out any problem that you may face.

Also … don’t be afraid to experiment with new effects. That is the motto of an MMDer!! *laughs*
You will learn more about MME faster that way!


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