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Download and Install MikuMikuEffect (MME) To Use Special Effects

How do I add special effects to MikuMikuDance? Where do I find special effects for Miku Miku Dance? How do I use MMD special Effects? What is MME MikuMikuEffect?

Download and Install MikuMikuEffect (MME) To Use Special Effects

Downloading and installing MikuMikuEffect is your first step to adding a wide variety of special effects to your MikuMikuDance tool box.

Prior to creating my “Haruka Nana Dances the Sample.pmm” using Mason Williams’ “Classical Gas”, I had not used any special effects with MMD.

MME is required before you can use effects within your MMD animations. DOWNLOAD MME from the LearnMMD Downloads Page!

My “Haruka Nana” video uses the NAMEPLATE Effect (You can find this effect at Mikudance.info, lower left column “Effect Links”) for the credits and the “Enjoy the Power” graphic.

NAMEPLATE shows “placards” that you create as PNG files. For Best results your image NAMEPLATE requires 512x512 PNG Files with transparent background.must have a transparent background. Part of what makes the Nameplate Effect special is the fact that it always faces the camera. You can attach the placard to a dummy bone to move it up/down/left/right along the X and Y axis … but the Z axis does not move the image to or away from the camera. You control the size of what is displayed by changing the size of the graphic on your PNG image. This can be a limitation because the maximum size of PNG image is 512 x 512 pixels. I tried to use a larger, deeper image … but the image was squashed/distorted to fit the standard shape. I have discovered that you can adjust the Placard’s size by using the “Si” setting in the AMP panel … a larger number makes your placard larger!

If you decide to download the NAMEPLATE Effect, be careful! This was given to me as a “Direct Link”, and still I had to go through two Japanese pages before finding the button to actually download the .zip file. Just keep your eye on the prize: watch for  196881  (which is part of the file name) and only follow the links with that number in them. It’s a small download, only 23k. Get yourself back to the Mikudance.info Help & Tutorials page to learn how to use Nameplate.

I will soon be writing instructions to help you make your own PNG files using GIMP 2.6 … “Stay Tuned!”  “:o).


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  1. mady mady
    September 18, 2016    

    i put everything into the file and it still doesn’t work. i tried restarting my computer and that didn’t work either please help me i looked at the article but i need a more in depth explanation.

    • randomshenanigans randomshenanigans
      September 19, 2016    

      Try downloading MME again and unzip the file directly into your MikuMikuDance_E folder. The MME files will be in the same folder as MMD itself. Open MMD again and the button ‘MMEffect’ should appear in the upper right corner of the screen.

    • December 25, 2016    

      I couldn’t downloaded at first cause i had the las verion of MMD..
      I have the 64 bit programme of MMD so I downloaded the 64 bit version of MME and it didn’t work, BUT I DOWLOADED THE OTHER VERSION AND IT WORKED!!
      PD: BUT NOT AT THE SAME TIME: try one and the the other ;3


  2. Rea Rea
    June 10, 2016    

    MME is working foe old mmd only right ?

    • Silent Headset Silent Headset
      June 10, 2016    

      No, it also works for the newest one. Make sure to download the correct version of MME and follow the simple drag & drop installation progress to the letter.

  3. 5DPi 5DPi
    April 26, 2016    

    I did what the README file told me to do, but when I enter MMD, there’s an error message that says, “failed to load default effect file. Please check video card capability.” The “MMEffect” is in the top right corner though. I don’t know what to do…

    • April 26, 2016    

      And what *is* your video card capability? Is it an integrated IntelHD or a separate board? 3D graphics needs a lot of resources to process, and MMD is no exception.

  4. MiraiNikkiEva MiraiNikkiEva
    August 25, 2015    

    I did what the instructions say and I get a error pop up

    • Reggie_Dentmore Reggie_Dentmore
      August 25, 2015    

      What does the error message say??

  5. angel angel
    April 1, 2015    

    I read the instructions how to install MME and it says drag and drop files into miku miku dance.exe but there are no files in my mmd download that say miku miku dance.exe just MikuMIkuDancE_v926 and i tried draging and droping on it but when i click on the file it doesn’t appear.

  6. Rai Rai
    March 22, 2015    

    Never mind it works now, just some effects are not working

    • Reggie_Dentmore Reggie_Dentmore
      March 22, 2015    

      Let me know if you need help!

  7. Rai Rai
    March 22, 2015    

    Yes, but the effects are not working, or not appearing when used, if not could you name an effect that is guaranteed to work thanks

  8. Rai Rai
    March 20, 2015    

    Hello Reggie, I don’t know if it is just the bunch of effects I downloaded. But my MME will not show effects, I used the black backround and still. My MMD is v9.26 if that helps and my MME is probably not the newest version v0.37 I think.

  9. Aio Aio
    March 31, 2013    

    Hey Reggie,
    Can you send me a list of MME effects because the blizzard effect for some reason wont work.HELP ME!!!!!!

  10. Arizona Arizona
    September 12, 2012    

    Mikudance.info would probably have a link and instructions. If not,You can download MME at this site:
    The site is in Japanese. So use a translation site or translation program, to get the file you need. Then go to the mikudance.info for installation instructions.

  11. micaela micaela
    September 11, 2012    

    how (here)do i get mme ?

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