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Understanding PMXE Materials: Ambient, Diffuse, Specular, Reflect and More!

What are PMXE materials? What is ambient, diffuse, and specular? Where can I find PMXE materials settings? How can I change the color of my PMX model? MMD uses lots of PMXE materials settings– maybe too many. It can be hard to figure some of them out. Maybe Teto and I can help? Ambient and […]


Everything you never wanted to know about textures

What are textures? What is UV? What is RGBA? What is alpha? What are blend modes? What are clamped textures? How do sphere maps work? How can I make models shiny? What is sph? What is spa? Textures are the two dimensional images that MMD (and other 3D renderers) paste over your three-dimensional object. Well, […]


PMD Editor Basics: .SPH and .SPA Files Add Sparkle!

.spa VS .sph sphere texture file types in PMDE / MikuMikuDance MMD.

.SPH and .SPA Files Add Sparkle! Ever feel like a model is too plain? Ever wish you could give her hair a realistic shine, or make her shoes look like shiny leather? Well, you can! It’s easy! Just use .sph and .spa files! .sph and .spa files, also known as “Sphere textures”, are very much what their […]


Alter Sphere Files for a quick color change in MMD

A brightly colored .sph sphere file replaced the common gray one with brilliant results! MMD 7.39

What are sphere files in MikuMikuDance 7.39? What are .sph files in Miku Miku Dance? How do I alter sphere files in MMD 7.39? Make Radical Color Changes with SPHERE Files! Many MMD models use sphere files to give a shiny, metallic surface to their hair, skin and clothing. The use of a .sph sphere […]

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