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Excited about MMD? Write for LearnMMD.com!

MikuMikuDance Artists, MMDers, Experienced and Noobs, alike, can write about their passions on LearnMMD.com! Almost 800 MMDers a day get their start by downloading the MMD program zip from LearnMMD.com or by following the links to the VPVP page.  That’s 800 new users a day who experience the awe, mystery, and initial frustration of  MikuMikuDance […]


A Discussion of unloved Vocaloids

Miku. Len. Rin. Kaito. Gumi. IA. SeeU. Megpoid. Gakpoid. I’m Sure you’ve heard of these lovely vocaloids, But… … there are so many more wonderful sounds! so many wonderful new designs and types and themes! SO….. why do we focus on Hatsune-Chan? It’s not like she was the first vocaloid or anything… (no; saying that […]


A Beginner’s Guide to Enjoying MikuMikuDance

"Departures" meme for MMD is a beauty! Memes are like KITS for MMD!

How do I do MikuMikuDance 9.31? How do you get started with Miku Miku Dance? How do I move my dancer in MMD 9.31? What do I do with MikuMikuDance? LearnMMD MikuMikuDance tutorials. What should I do first? How do I learn how to use MMD? A Beginner’s Guide to Enjoying MikuMikuDance MMD 9.31 New MMDers […]


How to enter The MomiCup and other YouTube MMD Contests and Parties.

Rin is excited about the MomiCup

What is the deadline for the MomiCup? How do you enter MMD YouTube contests? How do you video response to a YouTube video?   Last month the vote for when the MomiCup deadline was opened up (https://learnmmd.com/http:/learnmmd.com/the-2013-momi-cup/). The winning deadline was declared: April 1, 2013.  Go to the official MomiCup YouTube Channel for important dates […]


Be a responsible MMDer … “Keep the Faith!”

Be a responsible MMDer … “Keep the Faith!”

We in the MMD Community rely upon the artistic talents of a great many creative people. Their work is to be appreciated and treasured. It’s not “grab and go”, it’s “help yourself and say thank you.”  Give proper credits; share responsibly. – SEE BELOW for MORE MMD TUTORIALS…


First Steps for the Beginner MMD MikuMikuDance artist

LearnMMD has over a hundred MMD Tutorials and MME Tutorials … and PMDE Tutorials, too! Visit the “Start Here” page for the basic instructions. Visit the “HOW TO” Page for links to What YOU are Looking For! MikuMikuDance is FREE … no charge! Never PAY for anything … do not charge for anything. Everything in […]

Download the latest version of MMD MikuMikuDance! Step-by-step instructions to help you make an MMD Music Video! bo-beep-bo-beep! LearnMMD's Step-by-Step MMD instructions for MikuMikuDance!

MMD Tutorials:

Really Learn MMD as you face the 15-second Animation Challenge!

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