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7 Reasons Why We Don’t Do These Things

An MMD Feature Article by Fia Phoenix on LearnMMD.com!C’mon, let’s get serious …

There are at least SEVEN THINGS you don’t want to do!    

That I did anyway *shot*



Why We Don’t Talk About GAME Miku

GAME Miku: I don't think pulling her hair is going to work!

CLICK pictures to see larger images!

There are…… Limited scenarios. ( I don’t think pulling her hair is going to work )




Why We Don’t Combine Models (twin model making)

Twin Model making ... I don't think so!

There is a way to do this correctly, but it would send you into OCD mode faster than you can say AWE HELL NAW.




Why We Don’t Recolor Willy Nilly


He appears to have turned to the Sparkly Side!

Everyone take a moment to respect a fallen soldier. He appears to have turned to the Sparkly Side!



Why We Don’t Destroy Teto’s Innocence.


did i go too far this time?



did i go too far this time?



Why we don’t use Animasa Miku anymore.


( we should feel bad. ) - CLICK for larger picture!

Who are you talking about again? I’ve never heard of her.
( we should feel bad. )



You are NOT superman!



Why you should rethink that model part


 Boy shorts are not meant to be on the outside. You are NOT superman and you are NOT wearing tights under them.











Why we don’t use Animasa Miku anymore Pt 2

Seriously, who is that short girl?

Seriously, who is that short girl in the middle of those beautiful models?


Let’s come together to focus on not destroying something good, and maybe some day we can have nice things!

Sure, some of these were just silly, but they were true. Sometimes people take it too far.  Like 3dcg. Take MMD seriously, and don’t get shunned from the MMD community!

           Like  ME! *shot*    

Can you come up with any more hilarious scenarios? turn them into videos! ( who knows maybe we can turn that into a contest… ) remember, trolls are trolls. buuutt….. sometimes they have a point. you dont have to play it safe, but dont put vocaloids on TOO much crack! unless, that is, you want to be known as the Lady GaGa of MMD!


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  1. August 18, 2014    

    Ahhh…. Why wouldn’t we use Animasa Mikus anymore? They’re not terrible… (?)

    • Reggie_Dentmore Reggie_Dentmore
      August 18, 2014    

      I agree with you … the Animasa models have a simple charm.

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