Make an effect start at a certain frame

See all of the articles by LearnMMD's Kurea Urusuta!How do I make an effect start in a certain frame? How can I turn an effect on and off?

How to
Make an Effect Start at a Certain Frame

The Cave Cannon Effcte... see how to turn it on and off!You have effects like cave cannon and many different kinds of effects that are running during MMD all the time, you can either turn them off and on at certain times but they always appear as if they’re already there.
For example, the cave cannon effect shoots and twirls lots of light in the air and it continues to shoot it, when you either turn them on and off, it appears suddenly as if it’s already running.
What if, you wanted to start and end an effect at a certain frame and not have it running all the time? And so your effect will start running at a certain frame nicely and not having lots of light popping up all over the place all of a sudden.

Let’s investigate this trick I have discovered.

Load in your effect and register it, now, copy the effect register at frame 0 and paste it at a frame when you want it to start. Then, you go to a frame when you want the effect to completely run and register it there.

What that will do is that the effect won’t start until that frame that you have registered it to starts. Somehow, when you load an effect in, that registered effect on frame 0 tells MMD to start the effect up at that frame so if you were to copy and paste it somewhere else, it’ll start it at the frame you want it to be rather than frame 0.

See my little Tutorial Video showing how I turn the effect on and off.Now the progress of making it finish properly at a certain frame is the same way, you register the effect again and then you copy the same “frame 0” register at the frame you want it to finish at.

Here is a video explanation:

This also could be used in other effects as well! Like fades in and out! I wonder… this trick could be very useful!


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