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Troubleshoot MMD models– or anything else– with four techniques!

How to fix MMD models?  How can I troubleshoot MMD models?  How can get help with an MMD model?  How can I contact LearnMMD for help? How to Troubleshoot MMD Models If you ever try to make a model, there’s going to be a time when you run headlong into a wall. Something isn’t going […]


Making MMD Textures with Blender

  How do I make MMD textures? How do I use Blender? How do I use MMDTools? How do I make better textures? How do I start with Blender in MMD? Making MMD Textures with Blender PMXE is a great program for making minor edits to MMD models. And it’s a great introduction to 3D […]


Understanding Normals

What are normals? What are normal maps? How can I use normal maps in MMD? How can I fix my normals? How do I make hard edges in MMD? How do I make normal maps? How can I modify normal maps? What are normals? A normal is the line that extends out orthogonally from a […]


Using the Interpolation Curve in MikuMikuDance.

Extreme S Curve 02.

How do you use the Interpolation Curve in MMD? What does the Interpolation Curve do in MMD? What is the purpose of the Interpolation Curve in MikuMikuDance in MMD DirectX?  What is the Interpolation curve in MikuMikuDance Direct X version? Using the Interpolation Curve in MikuMikuDance. Remember in Math class when you studied graphing and you […]


How To Recolor MikuMikuDance Models Without PMDE!

How can I recolor MikuMikuDance models? How do I recolor my models. Change the color of your MMD models Tutorial on LearnMMD.com How To Recolor MikuMikuDance Models Without PMD Editor! Hi Everyone, it’s Me again, NicoleNakanoMMD … and I will teach you how to Recolor your models with simple Paint programs. It Is Fun To […]

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