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The Making of “Oubliette”

What’s involved in an MMD animation? How can I personalize a pre-made animation? What’s it like to make an MMD video? Hi! Reggie’s been bothering us to write making of articles. I don’t normally make a lot of animations– I’m usually more interested in making models, effects, and other tools– but I was recently inspired […]


MMD Crashes when Rendering to AVI

When MMD 7.39 crashes you lose any unsaved changes. Save Often!

MMd crashes when I render to avi. Why does MMD crash? Avoid MMD Crashes when Rendering to AVI MikuMikuDance is a stable program that runs smoothly. I recently experienced a series of crashes while I was attempting to save my animations as a video. After several tries, with the same result: I restarted my computer […]


Animation Lag may “blur” your playback in MikuMikuDance

Animation Lag may “blur” your playback. Why don’t I see the motion that I just entered during playback? Why don’t the mouth shapes look like what I animated? Why can’t MikuMikuDance show sudden movements? Animation Lag occurs when running MMD on an older, slower computer system. MMD is a powerhouse program that uses your computer’s […]

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