MMD Crashes when Rendering to AVI

MMd crashes when I render to avi. Why does MMD crash?

Avoid MMD Crashes when Rendering to AVI

MikuMikuDance is a stable program that runs smoothly. I recently experienced a series of crashes while I was attempting to save my animations as a video. After several tries, with the same result:

When MMD crashes you lose any unsaved changes. Save Often!

I restarted my computer … and my first try was successful; no problem rendering my animation to AVI. But … my second attempt crashed MMD, again. Suddenly it dawned upon me that my Real Player was still open and was still using my file while I tried to update that file … and that was crashing MMD. Most programs give an error message along the lines of “Access denied – File in use by another program”  … but … in MMD’s case, the program closes … and you lose whatever wasn’t saved.Close your video player before attempting to update that AVI file.

Save Often! It’s difficult to be “creative” as you recreate what you have lost in a crash.

MikuMikuDance is a free 3D animation software utilizing all of the With some practice, Rin can dance the sample dance as well as Miku!talents of computer literate artists and dreamers, young and old. A Masters Degree in Art, Music and Stagecraft or Computer Science is not required … and in fact might get in the way of the pure, simple enjoyment of the digital animator’s craft. MMD was released as a promotional push to popularize Yamaha’s Vocaloid voice synthesizing software. SONY, SEGA and Yamaha are partnered in the creation and marketing of the Vocaloid video games. Being Microsoft DirectX based, MikuMikuDance is like a modern video game … without the game! It’s a complete set of elements and special effects, beautiful dancers and 3D Models, with a Graphic User Interface allowing users to, essentially, create their own DirectX game. Google Sketchup can be used with the 3D-RAD plugin to create DirectX .x models for use in MMD animations. Custom textures and background images can be created in any art program. I use’s GIMP 2.6 and the Adobe Creative Suite including Photoshop, Indesign, and Adobe Illustrator to create the special images I need.

Keep an eye on as we discover the intricacies of MikuMikuDance!


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