KiraKira-sparkleV2 MME Effect adds COLOR to KiraKira!

A Feature Article by Reggie Dentmore on LearnMMD.comHow can I get colored sparkles in the KiraKira effect? Where can I download the new KiraKira-sparkleV2 effect? How do I use the controller in the new KiraKira effect?

Use the various morphs of the KiraKira-sparkleV2 MME Effect's controller to get amazing color!

Beamman’s old KiraKira Sparkle effect now has COLOR!


Deviant Art’s chestnutscoop has released her latest edit of the old KiraKira effect… now with a selection of colors available… including pastels!… click that link to find the download page for this effect.

You will want my English translated Controller model…

When you download that effect… and EXTRACT it, you will see a Controller_0.pmd … obviously the controller for this effect, but THAT one has no English labels. I tried to translate it and then Save As a PMX model… but that didn’t work. I then used old PMXE 0139 to do the job and a Save As a PMD with a new name… THAT didn’t work. It turns out that  the controller must keep the same, original file name. … I have that controller with English Labels and the original file name HERE for you to download… be sure to rename your old original controller model so that you can use my new one and still keep that old one safe.

Lots of color and lots of colors!

The KiraKira-sparkleV2 effect... many colors... so much color!

Only a few minutes of playing around will make you a master of this effect. You can load any one color of the .x effect… and load the controller_0.pmd … and be in business!

If you load TWO colors at the same time, they sit right on top of each other… but you can fix that by changing the Si SIZE of one or both of the .x effects. That lower image has three colors going: red (sized at 1.0), yellow (sized at .8), and pastel green (sized at 1.10). You can play with the Si size and the Tr transparency of the sparkles as well as the many morphs of that Controller model.

Read the ReadMe files…
… ALWAYS read the Readme files…

Be sure to read the two English README files… one by the editor of this effect and the other is the original Beamman ReadMe.

Full animation of your controller settings…

The various morphs available from that controller can be animated so that you can change the settings in various frames and watch the incredible beauty as your sparkles dance to your instructions.

This one is pretty cool: you can use one of the Y morphs to move the effect to the floor… dancing on sparkles!The KiraKira-sparkleV2 effect moved to the floor... Dancing on sparkles!

Of course, these are “still” images… just wait until you see the sparkles in motion!

Have fun with MikuMikuDance!


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