Use Google SketchUp to make DirectX Accessories in MMD

How do I make an accessory for MikuMikuDance? How can I use SketchUp to make Accessories in Miku Miku Dance? LearnMMD Google Sketchup Tutorial. How do I use Google Sketchup to make a DirectX model? How do I get a ball for MikuMikuDance?

Use Google SketchUp to make DirectX Accessories for MikuMikuDance.Make MMD Accessories using SketchUp to create DirectX .x files objects.

I created a “ball” accessory that I can toss around in my Miku Miku Dance animations.  Even better … it’s a PokeBall!

Full instructions and illustrations are available on my MikuBall page. It’s fun to use Google SketchUp to make DirectX accessories for MMD. There is a huge number of models available for free on SketchUp … and, even SketchUp is Free!

If you get started, you will also need the 3D-RAD plugin for SketchUp. It converts SketchUp models into DirectX files with the .x extension that MMD uses for accessories. Find the 3D-RAD plugging on the DOWNLOADS page. Please note: The 3D-RAD plugin I have for you on the Downloads Page is NOT an installable plugin… YOU have to manually install it yourself: Drop that .rbs file into the Plugins folder inside the actual Google/Sketchup folder inside your computer’s Programs folder:
My Computer>C:>Programs>Google>Sketchup>Plugins. After doing so, you can close everything, start Sketchup, and Sketchup will now see the plugin.

Once you start using SketchUp to make DirectX Accessories for MMD … your brain will be abuzz with the many possibilities  open to you.
Have fun!


Visit the Homepage! Plenty of Mikumikudance instruction and info!