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Customize the MMD interface: Change the colors of the GUI

Fia, how can I change the colors of my MMD control panel? How do I customize the “look” of my MMD GUI?   Customize the MMD interface! Hello LearnMMD.com, and long time no see! I have returned from the void (nobody would stop staring into it) and bring you a not-so-brand-new way to customize the […]

A Discussion of unloved Vocaloids

Miku. Len. Rin. Kaito. Gumi. IA. SeeU. Megpoid. Gakpoid. I’m Sure you’ve heard of these lovely vocaloids, But… … there are so many more wonderful sounds! so many wonderful new designs and types and themes! SO….. why do we focus on Hatsune-Chan? It’s not like she was the first vocaloid or anything… (no; saying that […]

7 Reasons Why We Don’t Do These Things

C’mon, let’s get serious … There are at least SEVEN THINGS you don’t want to do!     That I did anyway *shot*   #7 Why We Don’t Talk About GAME Miku There are…… Limited scenarios. ( I don’t think pulling her hair is going to work )     #6 Why We Don’t Combine […]

Fia Phoenix’s Deviantart Spotlight

Sometimes there is that one deviant in the MMD community who grabs your attention. It could be the skills they have in animation, their knack for finding the new features, or maybe they send shivers down your spine with how beautiful their work is in story telling. Today I’ll be showing you a few of […]

‘PROJECT: MikuMiku Movie!’ part 01: prepare the first scene!

Happy Lebericson Day … but no, seriously, lets talk about movies! No, I don’t mean the new Thor movie. OR Frozen. I mean MIKUMIKU MOVIE! What? You dont know? Oh well … I wouldn’t expect you to. It hasn’t been made yet; key word here being YET! ‘Project: MikuMiku Movie!’ is UNDER WAY! And youve […]

Create Motion Data – So you think you can’t dance?

How do I create motion data in MMD? Can I make my own motions in MikuMikuDance? How can I learn to make my own motions? Create Motion Data … So you think you can’t dance? Let’s break it down, and go back to the name. MikuMikuDance implies dancing, right? Right! So what if your not […]

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