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Beamman GSW Gauge for Game-like HP Health Points Display

Read all the articles by LearnMMD's Silent Headset!How do I use Beamman’s GSW Gauge? How can I add hit-points/damage-points gauge to my MMD video? Where can I download Beamman’s GSW Gauge? How do I adjust the HP numbers in the GSW Gauge?

“So which ones are the enemy?!”
“Those with the health bar above their head!”


S.H.     : Are you ready?

Hiiro   : Bring it on!

Continuation of previous article's dispute!

Youmu: Everyone! We’re starting today’s post!



Please, can you two stop fighting?……

There’s no helping it….Youmu will do today’s article then….

Hello everyone~! Youmu here! Today’s article will be about those little HP bars you saw above. Wait, you don’t see them?

The Beamman's GSW Gauge

Surely now you’ve seen them! It’s called the GSW_Gauge by Beamman. It’s an HP/MP gauge you see in many strategy-based RPG, with reference to both the Super Robot Wars series and it’s doujin remake, the Fantasy Maiden Wars by the Doujin Circle Sanbondo.

Super Robot Wars and Gensou Shoujo Wars screenshots

Here’s the link to Beamman’s page! Just scroll down until you find the GSW_Gauge effect and click on then download button!

Eeehh? The link for the game? Find it yourself ;p

So what can you do with this particular effect? Well, it’s a health gauge. So if you want to make an RPG styled video, this effect is an easy way to create a health display for your scene!

So…How do we use the effect?

It’s really simple! Youmu will tell you how!

First of all, extract the downloaded .zip file to your MME folder. There are three .pmx files and a few other files there.

Here's the unzipped GSW Gauge folder

The three .pmx files are the damage display, and both left and right gauges

Now just load the desired model to your MMD screen. Either Drag and Drop or the traditional Load Model button, your choice!

When first loaded, they’ll start out in the middle like any other models. Just drag the gauge to the desired position. Since they operate like the Nameplate effect, you only need to adjust it once and the gauge will stay in that exact place on screen no matter how you move the camera… how thoughtful of them! You can also control the gauge’s size by moving it along the Z axis.

Now how do we control the numbers displayed?

(Thanks to Arizona for pointing this out!)

Heheheh…It’s really, really easy!

Look at the Frame Manipulation Panel on the left! There’s a group of bones there! They’re hard to spot on the actual screen since they’re all at the same position!

How to adjust the numbers displayed on the GSW Gauge.

That’s all you need to know! Click on the desired bone and drag it along the X axis to adjust the displayed numbers! You can also use the sliders to manipulate the current HP and MP, but not their maximum value!

Demo using different settings for all GSW Gauge display bones.

The same goes for the damage display, but this time the bone only controls the damage numbers, and the slider controls the appearance/disappearance of the effect on the screen.

We’ve already uploaded a video demonstrating the effect in use, check it out!


Well, everyone? Isn’t this effect fun?

Mr. Reggie said in one of his article that “MMD is a computer game, without the actual game!” But now you can give your video more “game atmosphere” with this effect!

Now Youmu will need to check back on those two….

The battle result....

Aristella: Have you two learned your lesson yet?

Hiiro      : Ouch….Ahm showwiee…….

Looks like they’ll be hospitalized for a few days….

Alright, looks like Youmu also have to do the closing then…

Thank you so much for reading our article for today, everyone. Youmu hopes that we all learned something today. If you have any questions, don’t worry, give us a shout in the comment or send an e-mail. We’ll help you to the best of our abilities!

This is Youmu, signing off for, Silent Headset~!

MameYoumu by Nya
RPG Stage by saler1
Auto luminous, Diffusion7, Particle Bomb, GSW Gauge


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  1. roy roy
    September 2, 2017    

    does not working… -.-

  2. thaninee thaninee
    April 21, 2016    

    its work! Thank you so much

  3. thaninee thaninee
    April 20, 2016    

    I can’t use it… when i open file its a white small square how to fix it?

    • April 20, 2016    

      The archive has rather tricky structure, you must reorganize files before you can use the effect. Inside the “GSW_Gauge_v1_0_32_64” folder, there’s a “Tex” subfolder and three subfolders with Japanese names. Two of the latter contain pairs of .pmx/.fx files and one has another copy of the whole effect with different fonts. What you have to do is take those .pmx/.fx files and move them from their subfolders into the root of GSW_Gauge_v1_0_32_64 itself. Then you can also rename these files with English names making sure that each pair of .pmx/.fx had the same first name.

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