MME ShapeMosaic effect counters Wardrobe-malfunctions and more!

A Feature Article by Reggie Dentmore on LearnMMD.comHow do I use the ShapeMosaic effect? Where can I download ShapeMosaic effect? How do they put a checkerboard pattern over the naughty bits in some videos?

MosaicShape effect by Soboro lets you hide faces, wardrobe malfunctions, and more!

The ShapeMosaic effect counters Wardrobe-malfunctions, hides identity, and more!

I came across this MME effect… the ShapeMosaic effect by Soboro. It’s simple to use and your creativity will immediately “know what to do” with this effect.

I chose to disguise the fellow who had just pinched Miku… and, of course, Miku isn’t bright enough to see through that disguise!

DOWNLOAD ShapeMosaic effect from THIS PAGE.

Don’t go crazy! … There are MANY effects on that page… just download the one or two you want… and know that you can always go back for more.

Unzip and Extract that ZIP folder to see your new folder.


Always read the README file.

Inside that folder is the README… in Japanese. It translates to say:

Mosaic effect for MikuMikuEffect

Production: Soboro

This effect applies a mosaic to the screen.
You can specify the mosaic range by the shape of the x-file.
The default one is spherical. A cylinder accessory is also included as a sample.
If you make the accessory huge, you can make it full screen.

Mosaic roughness can be controlled from MMD with the accessory Tr

— Normal usage
-Read ShapeMosaic.x with MMD and set it at the beginning of the drawing order.
-Associate ShapeMosaic.x with the part you want to mosaic.

-Because it is a post effect, be sure to set the drawing order before the normal object.

Use Si, Tr, and “Accessory” mode…

I found that, as it says, above, this effect is controlled by the Si size and the Tr Transparency. The Si adjustment controls the diameter of the effect… I think I used a Si of 0.3 and a Tr of .7 in my test GIF. The Tr controls the size of the “particles”.

I used the ACCESSORY mode to roll the XYZ rollers as I positioned the effect over Len’s face.

Experiment… it’s not complicated! 

Whenever you need to “hide” or distort something… remember the simple ShapeMosaic effect.

Have fun with MikuMikuDance!



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