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Download Table Lamp Accessory ON and OFF

Where can I download a table lamp accessory for MikuMikuDance? How can I make a table lamp accessory for use in MMD? I want to make a table lamp accessory. Download Reggie’s Table Lamp Accessory It is actually TWO models: On and Off!   Switch the lamp Off and On for yourself! Download Reggie’s Table […]


Painted Table Accessory Download Available Now

Where can I get a painted table accessory for MikuMikuDance? I need a table accessory for MMD. Download a .x table accessory model. Get Reggie’s Painted Table Accessory … from the LearnMMD.com Downloads Page This classic painted wooden table will fit into any scene. It has turned legs and typical kitchen-table construction. The zip-file for […]


Create models from OBJ files using Blender and PMDE

Can I create models from OBJ files? How can I make a PMD model from a .obj file for use in MikuMikuDance? Can I make MMD models from object files? Where can I get Blender? Where can I find .obj models? Create models from .OBJ files using Blender and PMDE! Making MMD models has never […]


Add custom texture images to Google Sketchup .x model for MMD 7.39

Why does the texture move as I convert the Sketchup model into a DirectX .x model using the 3D-RAD plugin?

How do I add a picture to the surface of the accessory I am making in Skecthup for use in MikuMikuDance 7.39? Can I add a picture as a texture in Google Skecthup? I want to add a picture to the accessory I am making using Sketchup. Add a picture to the homemade Accessory you […]


Use Google Sketchup to Create .x Files for MikuMikuDance 7.39

Miku about to knock her head on the Mario Bros. item box we just made! Animasa Miku ver. 2 with Batokin Island and Sky Dome. SSAO_Lite MME Effect.

How can I use Google Sketchup to create .x files/accessories for MMD 7.39? How can I use Google Sketchup to make DirectX accessories for MikuMikuDance 7.39? How can I add pictures to accessories I make in Skecthup? Use Google Sketchup to Create .x Files! Ever wanted to create a house, a box, even just a […]


LearnMMD’s Dueling Banjos Banjo is avilable for Download!

MMD Banjo_RD by Reggie Dentmore for MikuMikuDance 7.39

Where can I get a banjo for MikuMikuDance? I need musical instruments for MMD. Is there a banjo for miku miku dance? An MMDer on YouTube requested my Banjo … Here you go! I created this banjo for use in MikuMikuDance from a model I found in Google Sketchup’s 3D-Warehouse … a model created by […]

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