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Position Model Parts in PMDE using a placeholder .x Model image

Read all the articles by LearnMMD's Silent Headset!How do I replace the hair on my model? How do I change the clothes on my MMD model. Can I use PMDE to add parts to an MMD model? How do I add parts to my PMD model?

Position Model Parts in PMDE using a placeholder .x Model image!

“I am your loyal mannequin. I am the “dummy”.

Sometimes, don’t you fellow MMDers have the urge to “create” your very own model, for your very Imagine creating an Angelic Rin using PMDE and some parts that you can download... using a placeholder .x model makes it easy!own use, which reflects yourself more than the downloadable models out there… a model you can truly call your own, your very own Original Character (OC)?

Unfortunately, making a model from scratch might be waaaayyyyy beyond our league. To be able to make models from the very scratch requires an extensive amount of study and resource.

 So should we give up?

NO! There’s no limit to creativity in MMD world, it doesn’t take a visual designer to create a video in MMD, nor to create a model to be used there. YOU CAN DO IT TOO!

Enter… “The Dummy!”

I’ll show you how to do a simple model edit, adding and replacing parts to be exact. But not only that, I’ll throw in a bonus; a little trick on editing models. I call it “The Dummy”. I will show you how to save your model as a  .x “dummy” and use that dummy with PMDE to precisely locate new parts onto your model.

It’s easy… YOU CAN DO IT!

Learn how to use the .x dummy model... Read my Page!

Read all about how to use PMDE and “the Dummy”

My article showing you how to use a .x model dummy to add parts to your existing models required a whole page of its own. It has plenty of detailedNeru is so jealous of Rin's new hair!... added using a .x model dummy to help with positioning! instructions and illustrations to help you do a successful project, even if you are new to PMD Editor.

Hopefully, that rather long “picture book like” tutorial can be useful for those who want to try out making their own models. There might even be a part 2 of this article, too, once I’ve done with my heap of animation project queue.

Remember! In MMD, the sky is the limit, but do take some consideration. Don’t use illegal parts. Don’t abuse the models you made from other’s parts outside the original creator’s limitation. Don’t claim as your own parts if they are not. And most important of all, always leave a credit to their respective creators.

 Keep The Faith!


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  1. FloetheFlower FloetheFlower
    January 3, 2017    

    Hello!With wich version can you Make your own MMD Model?

    • January 3, 2017    

      Technically, with any that you can download, but of course, the newer the version the more functionality. The Downloads page has links to latest translated to English versions; if you want the *very* newest version of PMXE, you’d have to visit the Japanese homepage.

  2. Hill59 Hill59
    August 9, 2016    

    Hi, I need help. When I loaded a dress on my model (whose texture is based on a .png file)it becomes white. Everything is in its own folder, the file’s name is in English, everything seems to be fine but the dress is still white. What should I do?

    • August 9, 2016    

      Hi Hill! When you write, “Everything is in its own folder,” what exactly do you mean? When you import one model into another model, you need to duplicate the textures files into the directory of the new model. Try putting textures from both models into both models’ directories, then restarting the editor. Are they still white?

      • Hill59 Hill59
        September 12, 2016    

        Actually all i had to do was put the model in the same folder as the dress but thanks anyway. Yet now my self model has arived new problem. How to do i join bones with other bones? I am using PMX btw. A picture to show whats wrong with my self model:

        • September 12, 2016    

          I’ll reply on the link you provided, if that’s okay; it may be easier to engage in long conversations there, and that way, you can create more pictures.

  3. HELP! HELP!
    November 29, 2015    

    Hi! How do I even download the program?!?!? QAQ HELP!

  4. Grace Grace
    September 24, 2015    

    Either I am very dumb or this program is evil. I can’t figure out how to put the parts in the editor. All at once. So I failed in the first step. Yay. At least I can make slightly robotic motions!

    • KillerBeer KillerBeer
      September 24, 2015    

      The easiest way to put a part in the editor is to drag’n’drop a file to a working PMDE window and select “Add” in the ensuing popup. You can’t put more than one file at a time, though, if that was your question.

    • Silent Headset Silent Headset
      September 25, 2015    

      KillerBeer already pointed out the easiest way ^^
      However, if you want to be more technical, from the “File” menu, select “import”. Now select the model you want to add and click “open”. A pop-up will appear. In the “Import System” selection, make sure “Adding” is selected.

      Hit OK and that’s it!
      However, if the imported part is from a different folder than that of the initial “base” or the model you opened first, the texture-if the new part has any, will be all white. You’ll have to copy the textures from the new part’s folder to your finished model’s folder. Hope that helps!

  5. September 8, 2015    

    Help please, I can clean Rin bone but I can’t cut Rin hairs… help please…

    • Silent Headset Silent Headset
      September 8, 2015    

      Hello there!
      It’s not exactly a hair cut, more like deleting her hair altogether.
      First, make sure you selected the “V” button in the upper left.
      Next, click the Vert/Mat button on the right to make the list pop-out.
      You’ll see on the new pop-out there are 4 circles with More, Any, Weight related, and Material written next to each circle. Click the Material’s circle and click the button next to it (Surface Recording Synchronize)
      Now the model is invisible! And all you have to do is navigate through the list of material below it and locate the hair’s material!
      Once you check a box next to a material, it’ll appear on the PMDView window. So you’ll know when you have found the hair when it appears in the window.
      Lastly, Press CTRL+A on your keyboard and then Shift+Delete to delete the hair!
      And there you go! Hopefully that helps! If you have more questions, ask away! ^^

  6. xxbodger xxbodger
    July 4, 2015    

    Cool article! This is so easy. I even tried making a mark on my computer monitor with a dry erase marker. I would load my base model in PMDE and mark where the hair or clothing has to go. The n load the hair clothing or what evever without the base model move it to the mark then save it. Even then it was trial and error. your method is perfect. I cant wait to try it out. Thank You.

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