Post-Production Editing Yields Next Step in MMD Video Quality

A Feature Article by Reggie Dentmore on LearnMMD.comMy MMD videos need something more, what’s the next step? How can I make my MMD videos look like “more”? What are people doing to enhance their MikuMikuDance videos? How do I make my MMD video look more professional?

"AMV - Nostromo - Sky Sanctuary" by Nostro... see it on YouTube!

All of my friends know that I show this video as what I feel is “the maximum” that an MMD music video can be!

Post-Production Editing:
The Next Step in MMD Video Evolution!

Post-production editing... adding layers of image and sound... bring your MMD videos to the next level!

The MMD videos I make are pretty straight-forward… some of them look pretty good, but they rank as only average on the “MMD Quality” scale… with very little “Wow!” factor.

But the videos posted by Nostro are mind-blowing!

His (their) secret is Video editing and post-produciton sound and images add that professional touch to an MMD video!video editing… those finished MMD videos are each a masterpiece in mixing and editing layers of video and audio clips.

Nostro gives credits to his sources!Post-Production Editing adds the final “look” to your MMD video!

Nostro gives full credits to the many sources he used in the creation of the videos.

Much more than “an MMD video”, Nostro’s finished pieces are modern works of art!

Check out Nostro’s YouTube channel and prepare to be dazzled by what you find!


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