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Build Accessories and Stages with PMXE Primitives

A New Table for SeeU… YES, YOU CAN BUILD MODELS WITH THE PMXeditor Build Accessories and Stages with PMXE Primitives Our heroine SeeU, wanted a new table. Not being happy with the selection available at IKEA and being too snooty for Walmart, she decided to order one built specially to match her attire. Plus being […]


Ray-MMD Localized Fog Effects for stunning MMD scenes

Ray-MMD Localized Fog Effects for stunning MMD scenes

RAY-MMD: Lost in the Fog RAY-MMD has some powerful and versatile fog effects which can all be leveraged to create emotive and atmospheric scenes. This article will briefly show you how to utilize some of these effects to enhance your projects. As with our previous articles on this effect, this one will also take a […]


MMD Starry Winds Effect Makes Amazing Night Time Scenes!

What is the MMD Starry Winds effect? Where can I download the Starry Winds effect? How do I use the StarryWindsMMD effect? How can I make a night sky scene in MMD? How To Use Starry Winds Effect! Hey Toxic Here! And today we’re going to learn how to use the “Starry Winds” effect! Now […]


Using the OP function in an animation

I wrote a tutorial awhile back on using the OP function to allow MMD character models to easily hold objects. However, it only briefly touched upon how to use this function in an animated sequence. This has caused some confusion as the process is not intuitive. This article will show you exactly what needs to […]


RAY-MMD: Haku’s crazy light show [PART 3]

We are on the last stretch of this 3 part series. This will be “challenging” so be warned. RAY-MMD: Haku’s crazy light show [PART 3] First load the StageLight.pmx model from our Articulated Stage Light set. This model will have to be loaded 4 separate times but we will only describe the first installation. Word […]


Use Professional Tricks to Make MMD Animating Faster and Easier

How do professional movie studios animate? What tricks do professional animators use in their work? What can I learn from people who animate for a living?   MMD is an awesome program. It’s totally free, has an enthusiastic community, and modern effects and rendering options can create strikingly beautiful scenes. It’s not really considered a […]

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