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Ray-MMD: The Art of painting with Light

Ray-MMD Painting with light!

Natural sunlight as interpreted by MMD is not white light. MMD by default uses a neutral grey light which emulates the photographic standard of mid-day sunlight in a temperate climate. But why is this important? If your objective is to create photo-real images using MMD, this is of paramount importance, especially when used in conjunction […]


Download instant fight scene motion by Mahlazer

Back in 2014 I downloaded Mahlazer’s “Marie Rose DOA 5” motion set that gives you nice fight scene motion VMD files… and I only used the opening moment of walking motion as I wrote about that download, back then. Just today, only about 5 years later, I revisited that video on YouTube and was amazed […]


Raycast / Ray-MMD First Steps

Raycast / Ray-MMD is a powerful, complicated MME effect… … so much MORE than an “effect”! We have been getting MANY Comments from our readers about how to use Raycast and then, “Why doesn’t Raycast work?” The answer: Raycast / Ray-MMD doesn’t work like any effect you have ever tried, before. – Raycast is NOT […]


Posing MMD Models: Anatomy Matters!

Howdy y’all! I’m back from a very long hiatus, but I have come back with little bits of knowledge to share with all of you. Today, I’ll be answering a simple question that you probably haven’t asked yourself… “When posing MMD models, do I need to worry about anatomy?” Why Anatomy Matters… (And What You’re […]


Convert VRoid Studio to MMD With One Click

Convert VRoid Studio to MMD Header Image

How can I convert VRoid Studio models to PMX models? Where do I go to download VRoid models? How can I convert VRoid Studio to MMD?  How to Convert VRoid Studio to MMD With One Click If you are a frequent reader of my articles, you probably know about my whole  “Little Old Lady Who […]


MMD PostAnalogTV effect gives easy scene transitions and more!

The PostAnalogTV effect gives you top-and-bottom or right/left close-to-center scene transitions. I am tired of “fade to black”, what else can I use? The old Blackout effect is OK, but I want something different. How can I distort my picture to look like it was on an old TV set? MMD PostAnalogTV effect gives easy […]

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