MMD Little Car Models Download offers racing thrills!

MMD little cars… SW20 Choro-Q remake – @Mister_AWmmd … 14 models!

MMD Little Car Models Download offers racing thrills!

Download these cute MMD little car models... two styles and 14 models.


The enclosed documentation is sparse on information: all I could find for credit attributes was this from the ReadMe…

SW20 Choro-Q remake

You are free to modify it, so please continue to support us.

Mr. AW

When modifying and distributing
Please contact @Mister_AWmmd

* Grotesque expression, R-18 expression, MMD or use other than MMD’s sister software is prohibited.
Please note that commercial use is also prohibited.

@Mister_AWmmd is the creator’s Twitter handle.

DOWNLOAD the Little Car Models

There is some ad gibberish on that page… be sure to locate the ACTUAL Download Link!

Be sure to locate the ACTUAL download link on that page.


Tiny cars… and bunches OF them!

The ZIP folder I extracted resulted in files with, almost, gibberish file names. Each model LOADS just fine… but each model loads with the same name: Null 1

So… if you SAVE your animation, MMD will not be able to identify which of the many models you had chosen and so will ask you to pick “the one” from the list. So, be sure to rename the model that you plan to use so that MMD will not get confused.

See that I always drag the original ZIP folder into that extracted folder so as to have that original zip available in case of a system loss.

Also see that I always create a .txt document containing the Download Link/Source Link for my future reference. “Keep the Faith-MMD”!


I numbered them for you so you can choose the one you want… first one in that list, second one in that list… thru #14.

Fourteen little car models... fun stuff!

I see that only #14 has a different grill-style… the others are identical body styles.

These little cars have pop-up headlights and morphs allowing you to light the headlamps, turn blinkers, brake-lights, steering and rolling wheels: forward and reverse. The whole model is one “bone” so you can use the X-Y-Z rollers to position and control the attitude of the car.

Let’s put Crimrose into a little car!

Did I mention that these cars are LITTLE? … I used my Deck Panel (that you can download from the LearnMMD Downloads Page) at an Si size of 3.0 to make the roadway… and poor Crimrose is full-size with her body and legs hanging down, below the pavement! I had to turn off the physics so that her hair did not flutter outside of the car! I also used that Deck at a tiny size to block our view of Crimrose’s body that was visible under the car as it went by!

Deja Vu, right… THREE passes of the same little video clip… once-through seemed too short!

Check THIS out!

I used MME Subset-Extract to remove the opaque windshield… and saw THIS inside the car!

What the heck IS that?

… but, whatever that IS, it was easily removed using Subset-Extract.

That Opaque Windshield? … Maybe you could modify that texture in PMXE so as to make it be transparent/see-through.

Make the cars LARGER with PMXe…

I opened one of the cars by dragging its file into PMXe and, on the opening “import” screen I set the size for 2.5 … and then, as soon as it was open, I SAVED with a new file name: Big Car.pmx

NOW we are Talkin’! … That’s a BIG car!

… maybe a little TOO big… could have used some other factor, like, 2.2?

Now you know everything! … Enjoy the Little Car Models!



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