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MMD Models Rant

Keep The Faith MMD

Hey guys ! Nicole is here ! Today, I will rant about MMD Models. Maybe you were like: “Rant about MMD Models? Why? For what?” I will answer those questions in this rant later, but first things first… Reggie, I need your soapbox for the rant thingy now- <Nicole steps up onto the mighty poor […]


Beamman’s MME DropShadow effect for MikuMikuDance

How do I use the Beamman’s DropShadow effect? Where can I download the MME DropShadow effect? How do I make it work? Using Beamman’s DropShadow effect… Have you downloaded the Drop Shadow effect and don’t know how to use it ? Today I’ll teach you how to apply Beamman’s drop shadow effect! 1.) Download it […]


How To Recolor MikuMikuDance Models Without PMDE!

How can I recolor MikuMikuDance models? How do I recolor my models. Change the color of your MMD models Tutorial on LearnMMD.com How To Recolor MikuMikuDance Models Without PMD Editor! Hi Everyone, it’s Me again, NicoleNakanoMMD … and I will teach you how to Recolor your models with simple Paint programs. It Is Fun To […]


Enable Physics in MMD 7.96

How do I turn the Physics on and off in MMD 7.96? Can I set the Physics to be on all the time in MikuMikuDance? Why is my model’s hair and dress so stiff looking? How To Enable Physics in MMD Hi Everyone! This Is NicoleNakanoMMD! Ok, so … I Want To Teach You How […]

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