Knock-out the Background as you Render to Picture in MMD

An MMD Feature Article by KibaSan on! (Model in image by mqdl)How do you knock-out the background when you Render to Picture in  MMD?  Can pictures be transparent? How do I save pictures in MMD? How can I do like a Green Screen effect in MMD?


Render to Picture with transparent backgrounds when you use the Black background and save as a PNG. MMD LearnMMD.comKnock-out the Background
from behind your models when you
Render to Picture as a PNG

You may have wondered how people make so many transparent pictures of MMD so easily. This is useful for multiple purposes and gags. You can even replace the background with anything you want!
So How do you do it?Turn on the Black Background.

Step 1- Changing to Black Background

First, you want to change your current background to black. This is a step that is easily forgotten.  To do this go to Background(B), and click on “Black Background(D)” After clicking this you should see a check by it and you will also see, that of course, the background has changed to black! This black background “disappears” when you save the file as a PNG.

Step 2- Turn off Display Coordinate Axis

The next step is too get rid of that pesky green line that shows you where your model is on the map. To do this, go to Turn off the Display Coordinate Grid ... and turn off the shadows, unless you want them in your final picture.View(V) and click “Display Coordinate Axis(G)”. This should UNcheck the box, and you should not see a green line running down the middle, or any boxes on the ground. It is extremely hard to remove this from your picture with editing and you will most probably want to restart the picture.

Step 3-  Ground Shadows

This is an optional step, it depends on what you want in your photos. Ground shadows are essentially just the shadow of the model that would occur in real life if lighting was reflected off of a person. However, if you do not want this in your photo you should take it off before continuing. To do this go to View(V) and click on “Display Ground Shadows(S)” to uncheck it. You should not see a shadow on the ground and the box should be unchecked.Save as a PNG file when you Render to Picture so you can KNock-out the background.

Step 4- Rendering your Picture in PNG form

This is a very important step. If you forget and save it as a bmp file, the background will be black. Firstly, go to File(F) and than “Render to Picture File(B)” Before saving the file it is important that you change the format to .png . You can do so by clicking on the bottom box under what you are naming the picture.


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