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What is MMAccel? How can I make my own MMD Keyboard shortcuts? Where can I download the latest version of MMAccel?


Ever found yourself using a lot of features in MMD that aren’t easily accessible?

Or do you use one feature in such excessive amounts that it’s quite honestly stupid?

Or maybe you’re an experienced Blender user?

Say Hello and Welcome to…

MMAccel, the ultimate shortcut creation tool!

MMAccel – Tool to add shortcuts + more to MMD

Download MMAccel

Click here to download from

This version has the keyboard shortcut portion translated, so you can understand exactly what function you’re binding your keys to… If you can understand from my translations. Hopefully you do.

You can also get the original (and most recent) version at the Github releases here.

NOTE: MMAccel has only been tested on the “newest” version of MMD, v932x64, which can be found here… find the 64-bit version on offer.

Fun fact, while translating the shortcut part, I actually fixed a keybind that didn’t work, so I’m listed as a contributor there! Am I just not the bee’s knees?

Since it’s open-source, it’s entirely possible to translate the entire thing, but when I tried to just re-compile the thing, rustc gave me an error I couldn’t figure out, so I’ll just not. The edited .json files are enough for now. If you’ve actually worked with rust code and know how to compile this, find my fork over at github and we can make this plugin fully translated.

Open source, MIT License… I love this.

Installing the thing so that it works

The installation is simple.

[UNPACK] the .zip file. There’s no unblocking to be done, so there’s no issue.

Within the .zip file, there’s a folder, named MMAccel_[version number] Go into the folder.

Either [COPY] or [DRAG] the d3d9.dll and the MMAccel folder into your MMD install folder.

If you have MME installed, let it replace the d3d9.dll when asked. Don’t worry, this won’t remove MME from your MMD install. My best guess is that it simply hooks on the d3d9.dll to make things run properly. If you’re using the translated version, it will still be translated.

Oh, but if you want to install MME later, it won’t work the opposite way, so you’ll have to move MMAccels d3d9.dll someplace else before placing in MME, and then you can install it as if you had MME installed the entire time.

How to install MMAccel

How to install MMAccel

Open up MMD and hey presto there it is


MMAccel… Shortcut Keybinding + More!

As for the + more part, there is a checkbox offering a timing accuracy fix and another allowing you to click out of the number input text boxes, the latter being especially useful if you’re used to quite literally any other text box in any other program.

If you already have MMPlus, there’s a conflict in that both have a shortcut function. However, the answer to this is simple: Don’t use MMPlus’ shortcut function. MMAccel has a more thorough selection, so that you can configure it to Helheim and back. Although if both shortcut functions break while installed, you have a choice to make.

Let’s get into the meat, shall we?

The plugin itself

If we click on the MMAccel menu on top, this is what we get:

A translation of the MMAccel menu.

A translation of the MMAccel menu.

Before we get into the key mapping, let’s talk about the other two:

Improve timing accuracy:

I’m going to be perfectly honest, I have no idea. Either it increases the accuracy of the FPS display, increases the max FPS (though it seems, no matter what, hard-capped at 1000 fps), or does something under the hood. Either way, I keep it on.

Click to leave text box:

This is a simple thing to grasp. When you’re inputting something into a text box, then click outside, in most programs this will exit the text box, so you can do inputs elsewhere. Not in MMD, unless MMAccel is installed, however! This setting fixes that issue.

However, it doesn’t save the number you put in properly, so to do that, you’ll have to press Enter like normal.

Now, let’s get into the keymapping window!

A translation of the MMAccel keybind menu.

A translation of the MMAccel keybind menu.

This should be simple to get. You have your categories to the very left, then the main window showing the function, what key combination it’s mapped to, and what the keymap conflicts with.

To make a keymap, click on the box under the キー at the function you want to map it to, then make your keybind. After that, click on the box again to stop key input.

As for how flexible it can be…

Demonstration of the keybinding capabilities.

You can go loose and free with the keybindings. If your fingers can hit the keys on the keyboard simultaneously, chances are you can make the keybind. Go as simple or as needlessly complicated as you can!

If you spend ungodly amounts of time setting up and learning the keybinds, I’m pretty sure you would be able to make an entire MMD animation without even TOUCHING the mouse! Not sure why you’d want to, but the option is there. Actually, there is one reason, and that’s sheer speed. Make it a competition to see who can do it best, it’ll be great!

Other than that, I really don’t have much else to say. It touches up on two things alongside letting you set insane keybinds. Absolutely, a valuable tool in the MMDer’s toolkit.

oh but don’t bind [Ctrl+Shift+E] as that’s the Use Effects bind for MME, unless you want it to do both what you set it to and the Use Effects function… ‘s what the github readme said


‘kay bye see you all some other time


Visit the Homepage! Plenty of Mikumikudance instruction and info!