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Beamman’s Water v5 Effect needs Editing before you can use it!

A Feature Article by Reggie Dentmore on LearnMMD.comHow do I get Beamman’s Water v5 effect to work? All I get is a white square. How do you use Beamman’s Water v5 Effect? Is there a trick to making it work?

Beamman's Water v5 Effect is beautiful... reflections, color, and automatic water motions!

Beamman’s Water v5 Effect is beautiful…
but you have to fix it before you can use it!

I was asked, today, about the Beamman Water v5 effect… how do you use it? It was new to me… so I downloaded it, used Bandizip to extract the files from the zip while keeping the Japanese file names. I dropped the new folder into my Effects folder.

I opened MMD, loaded the Water effect… taking a guess at the many Japanese file names… and found only a white square on my stage. I noticed there was a Controller.PMX model, so I loaded that like a model and slid the sliders around… with no effect on that white square.

A little online research told me what I needed to know: For my English-speaking computer, I could not allow Japanese file names or gibberish characters in the file names.

I used Google Translate to discover the English names of the main file folders…

For Beamman's Water v5 effect, you will want to rename all of the folders and files with English names... no Japanese characters or gibberish file names allowed!

… and I went through each of the sub-folders and changed the names of the .x and .fx files.

NOTE: in each of those little folders is a file name telling you the recommended Si size setting for that particular version of the effect… as per above, Si of 100 for the Rough River effect. You do not need to change the name of THOSE little files.

Translate the Controller model…

This effect includes a .pmx controller model… with Japanese names for all of the sliders it uses. In order to translate the bone-names into English, I followed xxBodger’s instructions for translating and renaming the bones of your Japanese models.

Now the Controller looks like this…

Beammann's Water v5 Controller can be translated into English.

… with several options on those facial sliders.

Okay… We are ready for the water!

The rest is easy… and fun… you load the effect of your choice. I chose Calm River for my little demo video.

Be sure to set the Si size as per the hint given by that odd filename inside the effect you have chosen. … Si value of 200 for the Calm River.

Load the Controller model. Play with the facial sliders to adjust the “Fog” cloudiness of your water… Waterv5_Fogand the color of that fog… as well as the mirror and roughness settings… fun!

You can raise and lower the water level using the Y setting… and you can change the direction of the flow using the Ry setting… set it for 90 to get a cross-flow… just play with it.


There is probably more to learn about this effect… but figuring it out is half the fun…



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  1. Wrapply Wrapply
    July 23, 2018    

    It just shows a white square! I even loaded up a stage. There is no texture!

    • July 23, 2018    

      And did you translate both .x and .fx filenames to English as instructed?

      (Also, does MME work for you at all?)

  2. Creeper Queen Creeper Queen
    April 29, 2018    

    Is there a way to make the water flow slower? if there is, I haven’t found it…

    • April 30, 2018    

      To adjust water flow (or other parameters) manually, you may load a particular effect’s .fx file (the one in subfolders, not the WaterMain.fx) and edit some of numerical parameters there.

  3. MMDAlyCat MMDAlyCat
    April 26, 2018    

    My Google Translate won’t translate the file names and it makes me confused. What do these translate to?

  4. need help need help
    October 20, 2017    

    the water is black why? :(

    • October 21, 2017    

      Did you load it into an empty MMD scene? Try to load it when a stage is set in place.

  5. Kasumii Kasumii
    August 4, 2017    

    I just made an English version of the water. I have a video but is does not show it. The download is there in the description.

  6. Airam Airam
    July 30, 2017    

    Hmmm For some reason, when i open up the controller on pmxe to edit and translate the bones… theres only 1, nothing else, and it translates to “adjust position”. But… thats all?
    I still cant get this to work, despite following exact steps….

    • July 30, 2017    

      The bone isn’t really important (although you can translate it as well if you want). What you need to translate is model’s morphs.

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