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How to make AutoLuminous work on a PMX Model

How can I make AutoLuminous work on a PMX Model? How do I make my PMX model’s parts glow? Can I use a PMX Editor to add the AutoLuminous Effect?   How to… Make AutoLuminous work on a PMX Model   When you use AutoLuminous on a PMX model and your model’s parts don’t glow, […]


Use PMDE to Switch On the MME AutoLuminous effect in MMD

How do I use the MME AutoLuminous effect? Do I need to use PMDE to turn on the AutoLuminous effect in MMD?  LearnMMD MME Tutorials. Where do I download the Auto Luminous effect? Use PMDE to “Switch On” the AutoLuminous effect! Everybody seemed to like Arizona’s article on using ObjectLuminous (which can be found here: […]

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