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Use PMDE to Switch On the MME AutoLuminous effect in MMD

How do I use the MME AutoLuminous effect? Do I need to use PMDE A Feature Article by LearnMMD Contributing Author, NOKO2to turn on the AutoLuminous effect in MMD?  LearnMMD MME Tutorials. Where do I download the Auto Luminous effect?

Use PMDE to “Switch On” the AutoLuminous effect!

Everybody seemed to like Arizona’s article on using ObjectLuminous (which can be found here: Arizona’s ObjectLuminous Effect Article) but it really didn’t work for me.

I’m not kidding. It literally didn’t work for me. The instructions were awesome, the problem was me. I just couldn’t grasp all the unchecking and checking. Luckily, I searched around and found another luminous effect … AutoLuminous! I tried it out. It’s the same as ObjectLumionus, just applied differently. And yes, it involves PMDEditor.

Use PMDE in English to Switch ON the MME  AutoLuminous Effect in MMD 7.39. MikuMikuDance LearnMMDFirst download MME and PMD Editor in English from the LearnMMD Downloads page.

Download the effect here: The Skydrive Effects page.

Choose the AutoLuminous2. There are Japanese file names in that ZIP folder but it’s OK to open with WinZip, the effect still works. Open PMDEditor and open a model. As your first model, you would probably like to try one of the starter models because they have less separate parts than other models.

Do a SAVE AS and rename your model: MikuLuminous, or something like that. Highlight the part that you want to glow and find it in the main window under the MA tab. Or just pick a color on that MA tab as an experiment. Do you see the part that says Specular? Look to the far right of that. There will be a text box labeled Shininess. Type in 110 … No more, no less … or else it won’t work. Repeat this for any other parts that you want to glow. SAVE your new model.


Now time for the fun part!

Go back into MMD. Load your model. Load the effect! (It’s an .X file.) YOUR MODEL IS GLOWING! Unfortunately, this does turn the background black (like Diffusion) but all you have to do to fix that is to load a white (or any) background image.

Hope you enjoy this effect!


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  1. RayRay Risin RayRay Risin
    April 23, 2018    

    This doesn’t work. I got some models that are supposed to glow, and they only work with AutoLuminous. I got and tried all four versions, followed these directions TO THE LETTER, and nothing happened. This is a load of bullshit.

    • April 23, 2018    

      Would you be so kind to describe every direction you followed TO THE LETTER, and aftermath of each one, in most possible detail. Because in my experience, nine times out of ten in the claim “I did everything exactly as instructed, and it doesn’t work” only one half is true, another one is usually a load of bullshit.

    • Reggie_Dentmore Reggie_Dentmore
      April 24, 2018    

      Does Autoluminous work for you at all? Do other effects work for you? Autoluminous should be a simple one. If you download our beautiful LearnMMD Stage, by Trackdancer, from our downloads page… and simply LOAD the LearnMMD_stage.pmx model… and then get back into camera mode and LOAD Autoluminous.x … the lights will be “On” on that stage model. … yes?

  2. Natalie Natalie
    May 30, 2016    

    So, I need some help. I have downloaded many MME effects and so forth, however, every freaking time I try to actually use them, a box pops up with ‘Post effect can not be specified: C:\Users\\Desktop\AutoLuminous\So Forth’. Help?

    • May 30, 2016    

      What effects do you have and where did you get them from? Try to load one of them into a fresh empty MMD session – does it throw an error message then? Do you *have* Autoluminous and where did you get it from?

      • MMDAlyCat MMDAlyCat
        April 20, 2018    

        I have the same error. I also downloaded it from the OldVersions folder from OneDrive https://onedrive.live.com/?id=EF581C37A4524EDA!108&cid=EF581C37A4524EDA

        • MMDAlyCat MMDAlyCat
          April 20, 2018    

          Actually, I figured it out. Auto Luminous is actually an effect, but it can pretty much only be used as a .x file. So that makes it an effect-accessory if you know what I mean.

  3. Nate Nate
    April 6, 2016    

    Hi! I almost didn’t download Autoluminous because, well, I wasn’t looking to make anything autoluminous… But I was looking hard for a bloom effect and it turns out that Autoluminous can do that too, even without any PME editing. Just scale the Si way up!

  4. Infiniti Infiniti
    April 4, 2016    

    It seems that I cannot open PMDE. Worse, I have an error window that opens each time I close it, which means that it is impossible for me to get rid of it. If you have any solution, that would greatly help me!
    Thanks in advance!

    • Infiniti Infiniti
      April 4, 2016    

      Well, it seems it solved itself by closing the window twenty five times.
      Excuse me for posting this too soon.

  5. September 2, 2015    

    Sorry, but there wasn’t ANY effect named Autoluminius2!!! Just 3 and 4. What should i do? Please reply soon!

    • KillerBeer KillerBeer
      September 2, 2015    

      Well, use 4. It works the same way as described.

      • September 8, 2015    

        OK, i downladed 3 and 4. No one comes! It does not download…!!!!!
        “” Blocked: ay contain a virus or spyware. “” What should i do??????

        • Reggie_Dentmore Reggie_Dentmore
          September 9, 2015    

          OK… I just zipped my Autoluminous4… and emailed it to you… see if it works for you.

  6. Arizona Arizona
    May 18, 2013    

    Great piece! I’m so glad that you and Stella are willing to write about the PMDEditor! I am such a newbie with the editor (T_T). Both of you make it so accessible!

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